Friday evening bliss.  

Faulkan 47M
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10/29/2005 2:30 am

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Friday evening bliss.

I just got back from meeting a wonderful couple from out of town and felt the need to blog. Wow! What an amazing couple! He's funny and she's a little shy. They make a wonderful couple and I hope to meet them again. She's absolutely gorgeous and a 20 out of 10. He took lots of pics and I sincerely hope they enjoyed the evening. We met and played darts. Sat and chatted while drinking and getting more comfortable. The rest of the evening was simply amazing! I won't elaborate...just take my word. LOL Meeting them again would be like winning the lottery! Wow!! Thank you both and best wishes.

I would select a 'mood' but they don't have 'Wow! Incredible".

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