I don't remember how shame felt like any more.  

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9/12/2005 6:21 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

I don't remember how shame felt like any more.

It's getting colder in Sweden Stockholm with the mist drawing to close the curtains bellow the bridges of the city as I escort them home.

I am such a gentle man.. yeah right..
Why an't I satisfied? No blood has been drawn no painful scream have shattered the dull silence of Stockholm this very early September night.

How could I feel my load in an instance flash back as it reaching the one inch from her.

NO it was hard to tell with my head elsewhere, No one tells me what to do, he, she and her friend are all in my grasp.

So be it, I will hount their chambers for a another 1000 night crewing their flesh as it would be in there nature to continue to give it to me just like that.

Dam it stop shivering already because you will come a gain and sooner than you think and your dear friends they will help me or they will be next.

- in memoranda de Stockholm September 2005-09-11

I crawe a new partner please come to Stockholm and I take you on for a 24 H you wont regret it util it'sover I prommise you

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