This is getting good...  

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5/4/2006 10:16 am

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This is getting good...

So...after an argument in Love Doc's, jayjay felt it necessary to go shoot off his mouth (so to speak) in another room I visit.

Thanks you too! (Bastard) Oh, and I never said you didn't have a daughter, you moron.

jayjay20065 (M) btw the bitch comes in here she said shes a reg here [10:40 AM MDT]

jayjay20065 (M) hi blue i love the power of iggy [10:37 AM MDT]

jayjay20065 (M) bbl [10:27 AM MDT]
Lijhablue (F) who is chemistry?? [10:27 AM MDT]
jayjay20065 (M) bitch [10:27 AM MDT]
jayjay20065 (M) chemisrty said that fatal did something on cam but fatal said she didnt do it now iam thinking she did [10:26 AM MDT]
jayjay20065 (M) fatal tigerss i think but it should be sorryassbitch [10:25 AM MDT]
Lijhablue (F) fatal* [10:24 AM MDT]
jayjay20065 (M) i heard a big todo with her and chemistry [10:24 AM MDT]
Lijhablue (F) who is ftaltal ....what is the full handle? [10:24 AM MDT]
halifax4u2 (M) jayjay still in the shite is ya!! [10:24 AM MDT]
jayjay20065 (M) fatal [10:23 AM MDT]
jayjay20065 (M) bads in the hospital but i will take the cam to the hospital if i have to i hate that bitch [10:23 AM MDT]
jayjay20065 (M) she thinks i dont have a daughter shit iam going to love proving her wrong [10:22 AM MDT]

Make sure you repeat things as they were said... No need to embellish...or better yet LIE.

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