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2/13/2006 11:06 am

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Perhaps my previous blog was misinterpreted... I did carry my second daughter full term, my beautiful Amanda Renee.

I was only wishing to convey that if I had known....or should I say, if I knew then what I do now - I would have aborted the pregnancy.

Anencephalic babies cannot survive very long, if at all, outside of the womb. That is why I urge all women who are planning a pregnancy to insure that they are getting plenty of folic acid before conception - and also have the AFP (alpha-fetoprotein) test performed within 16-18 weeks gestation, once they find that they are pregnant.

I, myself, waived the test recommendation... I was young, naive, and had a beautiful, healthy daughter already. Why would I need a test like that? What could go wrong?


Whatever it takes.

Again, I do not like the idea of abortion... but it does have its purpose - which is for every woman to decide for herself.

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