Thwarted By My Nastiness!  

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3/30/2006 12:00 pm

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Thwarted By My Nastiness!

I Ask You...Fake or Not Fake...What Say You All?

Not too long ago, I discovered a profile of a man whose body was like that of a Greek God. All of it, in absolutely RARE form. As a matter of fact, the body looked so damn good that I truly believed, after viewing the profile, that it could not have been a real person at all, but one of those fake profiles with the perfect body to lure us men and women in; like dogs in heat to continue to patronize this site with the hopes that someone real will respond to us. I sent some short email or wink to let him know I thought he was hot. Not realizing that he was a Standard Member and thus, I was unlikely to get a response. I let it go, knowing in deep down inside that he was too good to be true.

Then, more recently, I was checking my blog replies and found that he had posted. The sight of him made me all tingly. His comments lead me to believe he was interested, and asked me to contact him. I was in awe!!!...And kind of excited to boot. So upon a second review of his profile, I came across a posting in his own blog that asked for a nasty detailed story about what one would do if they had his dick in their hands. Well, the dick looked good to me, so just for shits n' giggles I submitted the story attached below. I'm no storybook author, but I must say that I still get a little moist reading it myself. I think I did a damn good job.

Now herein lies my problem. I checked the date I posted the story, and noticed that the last time he was online was just a day or two after that posting. So... Why people, is their NO reply from him. I even sent him an email to state that I had added a post to their blog and left a way for him to contact me or to inform me that he wanted to further communicate. AND NOTHING, I tell you, I have received NOTHING.

Is it even humanly possible in this vividly sexual arena in which we play, for me to have been "TOO NASTY!" I dare say... No! But I could be wrong. So I submit my concern to the masses, because shit like this can work on a girl's ego ya know? I am plenty sure I will live thru it to see the day of another gloriously luscious specimen such as this one is, however, I am just curious. Does this lack of response mean that my original deductions are now well founded? Is this profile/man a fake? Story below please read and comment:

That dick looks so damn good it makes a girl just drool at the mouth. If I had your cock in my hands I would lick the tip slowly, gently running the tip of my tongue & tongue ring across the base of your head, then push my lips over it, sucking on the top 2 inches of your massive rod, heating it up to dangerous levels. I would stop to lick the shaft from bottom to top making sure to wet each and every dip and curve. Finally I would shove it deep down my throat... not fast, but gently and steadily, trying desperately to take you as far back as I could. Pulling it out slowly so you can see how wet and tasty you are to me. Then stroke you with my mouth until I heard you moan over and over again with pleasure....taking the time to stop only to caress your balls with my tongue and suck on them one by one, and then both at the same time.

I would run my tongue along those sexy abs ob yours straight up to your nipples and tenderly nibble and suck giving each one the attention it deserves... dragging my moist mouth across your chest and to your neck, forcing your head back so that I can provide oral pleasures to your collar bone and shoulders without any obstruction.

While you are distracted by my licks and kisses, I would climb onto your waiting mound and slowly lower my sizzling hot box over it. Then I would sit up straight, pushing you deep inside me and grinding until I felt my fat pussy lips on your pelvis. You'd put your hands on my ass and pull me towards you, pushing your hot cock even deeper inside and cause me to cry out. I would grind you slowly at first then faster until I had you buckin like a wild bull beneath me, holding my thick hips to keep me from folling off this seductive ride. I fall over on your chest and you pull me close to you, rolling us over so that we are still connected when you wind up on top. The you put my ankles at the sides of your neck and hold on to my thighs as you stroke me deep hard, while you watch me arch my back in ecstacy, head trown back and body quivering with each orgasm.

After the feeling the third of what seems to be an internal earthquake coming from me, you pull out. I see your dick standing at attention with a fresh coating of pussy juice and my eyes glaze over, I take your head in my mouth again and its too much for you to take just watching me... You turn me over, squeezing my hind cheeks to steady your grip and stance, you push into me from behind and begin pounding your pelvis against my ass so the clapping makes nearly all else in audible. Your insides are turning and tightening and writhing all at once. You feel it coming and begin spanking me over and over as you ride me like a jockey on the winning horse with just a muzzles distance ahead of second place... harder and harder you pound into me, forcing your head to beat down the walls inside my now swollen pussy... My screams cause you to rupture like a fire hydrant burst open by a out of control car. Your cries of passion fill the room as I close my eyes in tune with yours and cum yet again, but this time... with you.

Hope you enjoyed!... Unfortunately for your request, I am not a bi femme, I am Strictly Dick dear. But as you can see. I love the hell out of it!


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