The First Experience....  

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7/18/2006 8:38 am

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The First Experience....

July 16th- After 10 pm

When I am within your walls, your grip is tight.
I'm held inside of you almost as tight as when
your hands grip my forearms in ectasy.
How do I feel? When I am inside you?

I am the one who is making you twist and throw
back that pretty little head of yours. Those
moans- those sighs, the times when you grab my
hands and push them deeper... I've created that.

I feel fulfilled, drunk, hypnotized by the inner
workings of you. The contractions of your walls
and the increasing wetness of you holds me cap-
tive. Everytime is like the first time I touched
you there. Like the first time I made you come,
Exhilarating. I'm soaking wet with you.

When I am sucking you, licking you, tasting your
juices, I think of open spaces, my mind is one
big open space. You fill my senses- Tasting your
come, smelling your sweetness, seeing you lift
off the bed, the couch, feeling your hot soft
skin in my hands, hearing you whisper my name.
Your beautiful voice singinng notes of ectasy.
Deep breaths catching no air, yet you need to
breath, you need the oxygen, the air I suck from
your depths.

I think of " how can I get in deeper?" I think
"more, more", I'm ravenous, mal-nourished...
You feed me.

It sounds wet, slick, the sound of sex if sex had
a specific sound. You are a one person symphony.
Your breaths shallow, loud, deep. Quiet moans,
whispered names, whispered notes of passion, wet
sounds of sex, slick desire- sometimes silent yet
so loud.

Your pussy says what your body language says;
repeated chants of "fuck me, now, now". You may
be silent but your pussy is screaming "now, now,
deeper, harder, please, please." It screams for
satisfaction, for fulfillment, needs release...
Screams for that relief I provide.

When you beg for me, when you are wet for me, or
just in general- I'm wet. I'm stuck in the moment
your begging is almost as good as when I finger-
fuck you. I hear that pleading for satisfaction
and I feel myself weakening, wanting you because
you want me. It makes me even more aroused then
before you begged.

Your slick secretions let me know that i'm doing
something right. Like a key in the ignition- the
go sign... The fuck me light.

When you are wet, I am wet.
My fingers, my tounge sense it, want it

Earlier That Day...

How do you taste? Like ectasy. Desire in my mouth
sticky and sweet... smooth and succulent. Wet and
exotic. A taste that can't be found within food
or drink. You taste like sex, like passion, like
desire, intoxicating.

Your smell is clean, like powder. Fresh, almost
virginal, as though I hadn't just been inside you
the day before. Like you've never been touched.
Everyday it seems like you wash the day before
away to leave a blank canvas, a fresh clean slate
for me to invade.

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