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7/31/2005 9:55 am

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I am adding this post to be honest to those who may look at me. I will be in my apartment in a few days. Coming off a 35 year marriage, I am not looking for commitment at this time. I do not want anyone think I am looking for that... maybe in the future but not as a rebound. That would not be fair to either party. I give respect and am very discreet - I do expect the same. Someday I may post more about me, but right now I will leave that a mystery. I hope to find freinds with benefits...


FarmBoy5152005 66M
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7/31/2005 3:46 pm

Thank you so much Kate. Life is a journey and we must all find our own way. That is why I am getting divorced and moving out - I so desire to be responsible for me. One's life journey can be enjoyed or dreaded. I have so many kinks in my armour, but I am a very good person and I think I am someone others will want to be friends with - with or without sex. If I stand still, life will continue to pass me by. If I stop, I must be dead. I am an educated person who continues to learn, all of life is learning. When one stops learning, one has given up on all that life can give. Our maker, however defined, did not indend this. I will reveal more of who I am in the future, but for now I must keep a few secrets. You know that if someone has accomplished things in their life, has done more than "normal" it can be threatening. I am not a threat, I am me. No more and no less.

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