California Dreaming  

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4/22/2006 4:35 pm

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California Dreaming

In my dream I was in a place between sleep and consciousness, lying on a beach, bathed in moonlight. I was aware of warm, soft sand beneath my body as waves slowly and gently lapped and pooled around me ‒ the warm water soaking the sand causing my body to sink down, like I was on a soft feather bed that was pliant yet supportive. I heard the soft rush of the waves as they approached me, surrounded my form, and then receded, like a liquid massage, back and forth.

I next recall hearing a repetitive slurping sound....a sound different from that of the water around me, and I opened my eyes to see you in the dim light, lying between my legs, my cock in your mouth. Your eyes were closed as you sucked me; your hands were extended onto my chest, and you gently rubbed them into my chest hair, occasionally pulling on my hair, sometimes pinching my nipples. You were squirming your body in the sand between my legs, your ass and hips grinding and shifting in the warm wet sand. You had completely swallowed my cock and pumped just the last inch or so of its length, your lips locked around the base of my shaft. You noticed that I was awake and looking at you, and you slowly pulled your head back, sucking me hard as you did, until the complete length of my rigid shaft was revealed, swollen and glistening wet before your face. You looked into my eyes and gave me a little smile.

Your hair had been pulled and slicked back away from your face by the movement of the water, exposing your sparkly dangle earrings that reflected the moonlight that bathed our forms while illuminating the water around us a soft glowing aquamarine blue. You slowly arched your back, extended your ass and hips up, and crawled up towards me on your hands and knees, bringing your face to mine, kissing my lips and burying your tongue in my mouth as the tip explored my throat.

You turned and swung a leg over me, positioning your pussy just above my face. Beads of water dripped down your ass and thighs, through your parted pink lips, and onto my cheeks, and the sweet scent of your juices filled my nostrils. You took my cock into your mouth again, and buried it down your throat ‒ at the same time lowering your hungry cunt onto my open mouth, pressing your exposed pink pussy mouth onto my waiting lips, grinding your slit on my face as I probed your hole with my erect tongue......

karenbabe83 47F

6/29/2008 9:38 am

Completely fucking hot!!!!!

stillettogirl 48M/46F

7/6/2008 8:36 pm

Mmmmmmmm...I concur!

Staci {=}

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