Single Men at the Saturday 25th Meet and Greet  

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3/27/2006 5:23 pm

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Single Men at the Saturday 25th Meet and Greet

Hi Everyone! Thanks for coming out Saturday night to our meet and greet, we had a lot of fun, even though the band wasn't great! The only issue we ran into is we had a table of single guys from AdultFriendFinder who were out of line with many of the women from the group. We don't have issues with singles coming out to join us at the M&G but if you are a single, please remember:

1) We are in a public place that we frequent quite often, so please act like it. We would hate to be asked not to come back.

2) Just because we are in the lifestyle does NOT mean we are cheap or easy. Many of us do not appreciate being man handled with out knowing and approving of who is doing the man handling.

3) RESPECT is always required at ANY of Fantasies functions. From here on out if someone is being disrespectful and we are getting complaints you will be asked to leave our group and not attend any more of our functions.

4) If you are singles and want to come out to the M&G that is great, but please come and introduce yourselves to one of the four of us so we know you are part of the group and not just a bar attendee who wants to jump in the middle of our group.

Sorry if this offends anyone but we had several un-happy comments about being grabbed,kissed or fondled by strangers who didn't even have the courtesy to introduce themselves or ask if it was ok.

suddenlynaked 60M

4/6/2006 1:37 am

Oh boy been there before,,,I don't likke strangers touching me neither.. Haven't had to yet but I am really a man and , oh never mind,I sometimes think I am a bad ass, snicker..

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