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Fantasies_Club 45G
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12/20/2005 9:03 pm

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3/9/2006 4:22 pm

Check Us Out!

Fantasies is a COUPLES only club in a private house, with 1 themed room (The Harem room) 1 room with a large four post log bed (a little light bondage anyone?) and a large open room we call the "group" room. A large dining room area we have arranged for dancing, and the living room is very cozy around a wood stove and arranged where conversation is easy in Rathdrum Id.

The club is a non-smoking club, but we do have a back deck where we are setting up a smoking area with a few seats. We do not have any dress codes or you can only play here rules. As far as activities go... Yes the plan is to show-up, play, drink and be happy... but we also will have an area opened up with a large music selection playing (a good flow of music seems to be hard to find at most of the lifestyle clubs) for dancing. So if you have any songs you like to dance to or would like to hear let us know and we will try to have it there. We also have a couple of "foreplay and get to know you games" we were planning on playing a bit (It is OK - its not "super super personal - just a little tease and lots of laughs)example of one of the games is: dirty minds.

OK - Now the "Business" Part. We will be charging $20.00 a couple (for cleaning and normal house costs) for the parties and we are requesting everyone bring their own drinks and mixers at this point to keep door prices low. We will provide snacks. The house rules are very simple. Be polite and respectful to the people and the environment around you. NO means NO. If the door is not open do not Knock or Open it unless you were invited to. Please keep playing time in "closed" rooms reasonable so others can have time to play as well. The Group room has no time limit the more the merrier right? Smoke only in designated areas. Pick-up after yourself when finished playing (wrappers, towels, trash etc.)
That is pretty much it.

markisinspok469 59M/69F
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1/5/2006 2:29 am

maybe spokane should have a singles only party time?

markisinspok469 59M/69F
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1/5/2006 2:31 am

maybe spokane should have a singles only party time?

i dont know why i cant a picture on my reply letters!

i do have a picture on my profile!

Fantasies_Club 45G
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1/6/2006 4:05 pm

Ah, the single male. Those two words sound like poetry to the single female. If he's a doctor, it will thrill all the yentas. If he's basically breathing, it's nirvana for "women of a certain age." Discovering a single male is the goal if you're cruising the internet looking for dates, a husband or even a one night stand. But when it comes to swing parties, "single male" suddenly sounds like a curse. Or worse.

Even the most mild- and well-mannered men have been known to become slobbering, blathering, bumbling idiots when they suddenly find themselves at a sex party. Faced with naked babes and spread legs, their willpower and composure evaporate. Their jaws hang open, sweat springs from their brow, and their hands move involuntarily to their genitals, where they often remain all evening, stroking mindlessly like a monkey in a cage.

These men hang in doorways and hover, inching closer and closer to the action until they're practically part of the action, their wank-weary erections perilously close to, like, your ear or some other inappropriate body part. They become mumblers, unable to carry on a civil conversation, their eyes darting to the dude getting his dick sucked and no doubt wishing it was him instead. And who can blame him?

You give them the rules, explain the etiquette and warn that anything other than exemplary behavior will be met with a boot in the ass-right out the door. They nod, reassure and promise to maintain, but they lose it as soon as someone starts getting screwed.

Thus, almost every swing, play or sex event basically bans the evil "single male." Cause no matter how vehemently you disabuse him of the notion, the single male still believes-if not in his heart, then definitely in his loins-that he's gonna get lucky. He's gonna hook up. He's gonna find himself on the bottom of a pile of writhing naked bodies or between two hot young buxom blondes. He's gonna wind up the unwitting participant in a wild daisy chain, having the best sex of his life. The only problem is that the chances of that actually happening are, well, just about zero.

It's partly a question of numbers. Even if there are more single women than men, those women will be integrated into someone else's sex scene far more easily. But mostly it's a situation about behavior. The exact behavior I'm talkin' about here. So thus, the dreaded "No single or unescorted males allowed."

markisinspok469 59M/69F
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1/10/2006 3:56 am

sorry u feel that way.

but i am no drooling persons because of naked women in the room!

i always respect women they no matter what the reason is going on at that time!

but since you have those rules all ready, i understand completely!

good luck in finding the fantasys of a clp of ur dreams!

just ask the friends on my profile about my respect with woman. i dont mind if u ask them about me!

bye ladies!

OPooh 65M/64F

2/14/2006 8:16 am

In response to markisinspok469, they are not discriminating against singles, but there are some people who just go to disrupt things or try to find a mate. If they allowed one or two singles they would feel obligated to allow all singles. I can totally understand where these people are coming from. Maybe you could start your own group and open it up to just singles or all people. I would sure consider coming.

sacredthug777 40M
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3/9/2006 3:43 am


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