Wanking off at lunch  

Fallic40 53M
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8/19/2005 7:27 pm
Wanking off at lunch

I had a bunch of engineers visiting from the bay area today and, usually, I make myself scarce when anyone referring to themselves as an engineer comes to visit. (For some unfathomable reason, engineers cannot seem to fly solo: more than one engineer always shows up. Moral support perhaps? Either that or the extra fingers and toes are useful for when they try to figure out the solution to any problem.)

However, most of the engineers up for the day were from the UK so the big guy wanted me to take them off for lunch. And they seemed a good bunch with just the right amount of sarcasm thrown around. So I borrowed a temp to drive us over to a bar so we could all get pissed as parrots.

Only place to take them was to Wanker's Corner. Everyone back home will be laughing riotously with the pictures that were taken there. I nicked so many of the signs for Wanker's
Corner when I was younger and sent them off to England to friends. (The other thing much in demand in the UK were the giant US flags that hang at Burger Kings - but that is another story for another time.)

It's just like watching the Benny Hill show - some jokes just don't get old with time and anything with the word wank in it is always going to be funny.

AtomicKisss 58M

8/19/2005 9:24 pm

Hey! I used to be one of those engineering guys in the Bay Area. The reason it takes more than one engineer is because no one can point the finger at a specific person when the project gets screwed up (and you know it always does)! BTW are you referring to something that has to do with Diablo?

rm_jayR63 59F
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8/20/2005 6:15 pm

all that making makes me tired.

KhaosKitty 42F
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8/21/2005 1:35 am

I don't know about any other engineers, but I can tell you from personal experience that it takes two electrical engineers to jump start a minivan. And they argue about the best place to ground the cables for at least 5 minutes. Just fyi.

Fallic40 53M
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3/3/2006 9:22 pm

jay, and it cramps the left arm too!

Fallic40 53M
1858 posts
3/3/2006 9:23 pm

mzhuny, it is still a very funny show. It is on BBC America all of the time.

Fallic40 53M
1858 posts
3/3/2006 9:24 pm

Atomic, we refer to finger pointing where I work as the Solectron Salute.

Fallic40 53M
1858 posts
3/3/2006 9:25 pm

KhaosKitty, just be glad that they didn't convene a focus group.

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