Vacation results ---so far  

Fallic40 53M
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7/26/2005 7:20 pm
Vacation results ---so far

So alright, I have gotten away both physically and intellectually for a while from the drudgery that is work. Call me Bartelby.

I have actually relaxed a little and fished a lot. (I have heard from work every day: but ain't caller i.d. the bee's knees.) My nephew has returned to Southern California and I leave for Palm Springs on Thursday.

I have also worked on-line and done some brushing up on math, done a little Christmas shopping on-line and spoken to many of you and read about you loves and laughs.

And the single biggest regret of this holiday ... buying that fucking red fishing pole and putting the pink line on it for my oldest daughter. Wouldn't you know it ... she pulled a 3lb smallmouth out of my favourite fishing hole this morning while doing everything wrong.

I didn't even know that a person could fish wearing their Ipod, drinking Starbucks and speaking on their cell phone at the same time!
it seems I was mistaken.

Meanwhile my other daughter brought in 1lb fish after 1lb fish. Me, with 35 years of experience, landed two crappie best described as fishsticks.

Now I just need to get laid in order to make up for this....................

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