Life out of balance  

Fallic40 53M
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12/8/2005 2:18 pm
Life out of balance

I have finished vaccuuming all of the orange, black and white fur from the keyboard and encrypting the system to keep a predatory cat out. He had also been busy viewing kitty porn and ordering catnip on-line.

Now I can update on how I am doing.

I have been allowed to start working out this week by my doctor and physio. Now this "workout" consists of a 1/2 mile walk on a treadmill. Not running. Not jogging. Not walking briskly. I get to walk sedately for a half mile - and I am knackered at the end of it. This is still not too bad considering that 2 weeks ago, it was a struggle to walk to the mail box and back - 200 yards.

My doctor has treated a lot of my soccer injuries over the years so she knows that I can rip through the boundaries of pain and common sense. After all, I played an entire season with a broken foot.

The doctor, and the physio, have enlisted my daughter to help supervise my workouts. She wants to major in sports medecine: so I get to be a guinea pig for her. Also, the physio played on the indoor team with "ringer" and I and knows that we egg each other on in an upward spiral of dares and stupidity (it's what soccer players do). Now my daughter feels the responsibility to temper any enthusiasm I might have (but I did sneak in a weight workout today).

I am feeling physically stronger and mentally stronger. I have read a lot more blogs this weeks and made comments for the first time in several months. I also feel the urge to make a lot more posts. I have several working up right now. And I will be moving beyond the scope of what has happened to me in the past few months.

However, I could not help noticing that I have not missed being on-line. This does not mean that I have not missed interacting with my friends here. I have not missed the physical action of "being on the computer"

This tells me that my life was out of balance. I was spending too much time in this world and not enough on living in the real world. Now it is time to balance the scales.

_Safira 53F
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12/8/2005 3:44 pm

Ahhhh, the endorphins! They feel great; don't they? Having been given the green light to start my walking regime again I know the feeling well. Best of luck to you in your recovery!

And while I do look forward to your future posts ... I applaud you for stepping back into the real world. I'm sure it is quite welcoming on many fronts!

Love to Jingles ... *meow*

Warmest regards,

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freetime648 52F

12/8/2005 3:52 pm

Fallic, again...good luck and listen to your docs and your daughter!!! She may be the child but I am sure she loves you too much!!! Know what I mean?? Good Luck and remember...Take it easy!!!

xx FREETIME648 xx

Fallic40 53M
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12/8/2005 4:57 pm

Safira, Jingles seems to have developed his own fan club. He has become (even) more arrogant and lzy than before.

I am not walking far enough to really release endorphins yet. I am used to indoor soccer and blocks of sprints for that. I am really starting over from scratch on the working out.

Fallic40 53M
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12/8/2005 4:59 pm

freetime, my daughter is 16 going on 37 and will be the subject of a future post. She really does see me as a guinea pig - down to monitoring heart rate and blood pressure.

As to listening to doctors ---- well, we shall have to see on that one. I haven't managed too well in the past at that.

Fallic40 53M
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12/8/2005 5:59 pm

scarlettsflame, thanks for stopping by, I really enjoyed your blog when I found it earlier today.

I think the plan that my physio has is to make me better than before. She wants me on a diet similar to my oldest daughter - no processed flours, no processed sugars, no sodium. So we shall see.

rm_jayR63 59F
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12/10/2005 9:54 pm

Good for you.
I wish more people would realize there is a world outside this screen.
As for your diet, I am shocked-SHOCKED, I say, to find you have been consuming those overprocessed foods. There are no nutrients left by the time they get through doing whatever it is they do (and add) to them.
Follow the child's example, you won't miss that other crap at all

Lyoness 43F
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12/11/2005 6:07 am

I'm just happy to know you are back and feeling better. take it easy if you can.

Maybe you and the famialy should make a trip north to Canada. Hockey is a much safer sport (well not for yout teeth!).

DirtyLilSecret61 55F

12/11/2005 10:56 am

Glad you're feeling better each day.

Amazing how well we can get along in life when a keyboard is NOT in front of us, isn't it?

Happy Holidays to you and all your friends/family.


slidein2meplz 61F
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12/11/2005 6:56 pm

Hi Fallic...glad to see you are doing better. I've just finished reading most of your post's from when you reported your heart attack to us here in Blogland...and in that first one I had commented about how I had also had a heart attack at age 41.

Anyway... the heart monitor... I know it's a pain..but very important the data it records...bear with it as best as you can when ever they make you wear it. ok.

Sex... I was able to have sex about 6 weeks after my heart fact my doctor highly recommended brings about those GOOD ENDORPHINS.

I found that NEGATIVE stress was and is extremely hard on fact the only time I EVER have angina from negative stress. So do your best to eliminate that as best as possible...and that goes for negative people, situations...etc. Which brings me to a question... Your job... How long have you been with your company? Reason being is that if you've been there at least 2 years... you are protected under the Family Medical Leave Act... and they (the company) can't do diddley to you.... so check into that if at all possible.

Back to stress... Postitive stress I found did no harm or caused me any discomfort at all.

Stress test/treadmill... ugh.. I hated those... still do... but haven't had to have one in a long time now... but I always found it odd that they "stress you out" just to "see"....ya know.. but oh well, they know what they are doing so... who am I to say.

Anyway... I am glad to hear you are doing ok...glad you have good medical and family support... I hope you are able to find a method of meditation... lot's of really cool ways out there... I meditate twice a day..and have for over 18 years...and I am certain that had a lot to do with the fact that my heart attack was so mild to begin with...but I don't know...just my feeling. Take care.. and thank goodness you have your kitty to watch over and help you...and of course your daughter... wonderful aren't they. FYI..mine was going to be a in sprts medicine too... but changed her direction and is now a teacher. Take care... please holler if you'd like someone who's been there and done that..ok.

Happy Holidays... Slide.

~~~ Just me, poppin to say HI! ~~

Fallic40 53M
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12/11/2005 8:37 pm

Hi Jay, It's not like I go out of my way to snort lines of white flour or mainline syrup. The physio just really liked my daughter's diet and decided that I should go with that too. So it's honey in my tea, brown rice instead of white rice, etc.

Fallic40 53M
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12/11/2005 8:39 pm

Hi Lyoness,

I would love to go to Canada. Vancouver is one of my favourite cities anywhere in the world. I haven't been to Toronto but I have been to Montreal (I know - les habitants - boo hiss).

Fallic40 53M
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12/11/2005 8:44 pm

Hi Lyoness, it's me again.

Just to let you know. When I watch sports on tv, hockey is number 2. It is right behind soccer and miles ahead of football, hockey and baseball.

I love the Red Wings, loathe the Canadiens and the Bruins. But best of all are the 17 year old kids playing for the Portland WinterHawks in the WHL.

Fallic40 53M
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12/11/2005 8:47 pm

Hi Lil,

Happy holidays to you and yours. Have a great time with everyone.

Fallic40 53M
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12/19/2005 8:06 pm

Hi slide,

Right now I am working on playing lots of guitar and piano instead of meditating as it has much the same effect on me.

(Princess Lips)

12/20/2005 10:20 am

sending you hugs and wishes for continued health, and patience...

( no kisses- don't want that heart rate up! )


Fallic40 53M
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12/27/2005 7:12 pm

Thanks redlips

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