Big bad dad  

Fallic40 53M
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9/4/2005 9:49 am
Big bad dad

Once again, it was soccer night. We had a full team this time - including "the ringer" - with 7 guys and 6 ladies. The guys were all guys that I have played with since I was in my early twenties. The ringer has known them all of her life and they all treat her as if she was their daughter.

We played a team made up of mainly college guys and their assorted girlfriends who thought that playing against a team of "old" guys would be a breeze. Again, the ringer proved her worth.

Of course none of us had mentioned to the other team that she is capped (has played at the international level) at the U16, U18, and now U20 level. The pony tail, baggy shorts and giggle hide (deliberately, I think) talent that I can only dream of having.

It was all going swimmingly until she put the ball through one guys legs and as he turned put it back through again. He said the magic words to her - "you cunt"

Now I ask you, what is a hard nut dad to do when a guy in his middle twenties says this to his 15 year old daughter? What would you do if someone said this to you?

Let me know what you would do. I'll let you know what went down in a couple of days. And why.

SunneyOne 43F

9/4/2005 12:24 pm

What an idiot! Did he have any idea anyone heard? I would have knocked his ass out... cold.

Fallic40 53M
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9/4/2005 5:35 pm

The guy was dumb enough to say it loud enough that everyone heard including the referee and some of the people on the sidelines. A two minute penalty was given out for unsportsmanlike conduct.

But what followed was far more evil for all of it's creativity.

Lyoness 43F
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9/4/2005 7:00 pm

gut reaction is ti hit him. best revenge was to serve his balls to him. I hope you showed your daughter that anyone can say those words but a better person simply shows them what it looks like.

But in the end, HIT HIM!!! sorry -- as a woman i go with my gut all the time.

ps the idea of you out of breath and sweaty is SUCH a turn on. think you can scream my name the next time (laughing)

Fallic40 53M
1858 posts
9/4/2005 7:34 pm


Don't worry, the punishment meted out to this individual was worthwhile and very creative (and very english - so you know it will be cruel).

As to being out of breath and sweaty, it now takes about twice up and down the field and I have shot my load. Getting old sucks.

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