A Sensual Massage..  

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12/7/2005 4:05 am

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A Sensual Massage..

After accepting my offer for a sensual massage, she would slowly remove her clothing. Almost teasing in the way one article of clothing after another would be removed, giving flashes of silky smooth skin beneath, until she is standing before me in nothing but her undergarments. I instruct her to lay face-down on the bed.
With a coy smile, she complies, stretching out like a cat before settling upon the matress. Her eyes watch me with hidden sexual urges as I wash my hands in a dish beside the bed prior to picking up the bottle of massage oil which has been warming.
After pouring a small amount of the oil into my hand, I move next to her, inhaling the mixed fragrance drifting about this angel. A mix of strawberries and skin lotion, with an undertone of sexual excitement. Smiling softly, I begin the massage, starting at the base of her skull, slowly working my way down her sensuious neck. A soft moan of pleasure escapes her parted lips, her eyes closing slowly as she gives into the pleasure of the massage.
As I work my way down her shoulders, I gently slip the straps of her bra along her skin, out of the way for my hands. After re-oiling my hands, I slowly unclasp her simple bra, pushing the band to her sides. My fingers work their magic upon her tense muscles, which soon turn soft under my touch. Continuing to move slowly down her back, I come to the edge of her white cotton panties.
She opens her eyes and pierces my gaze with hers, then nods slowly, smiling slightly as she once again removes her aroused gaze from mine. Hooking my fingers underneath the edge of her panties, I slowly slip them down her body, smiling as they pass over the firmness of her ass, providing me an exciting peek at her womanhood.
I smile inspite of myself, for she is as bald there as a 12 year-old girl.
My fingers caress her skin as I finally slip her panties down her sexy legs, half-covered in pink thigh-high stockings, and finally past her feet. Glancing briefly at the simple piece of cotton in my hands, I am treated with the sight of dampness in the crotch, as well as the sweet-scent of her juices. Placing this atop her other garments on the floor, I move back up the bed, re-oil my hands, and continue the massage.
If she noticed the extra time and attention I placed on her ass, she gave no sign, other than her moans of pleasure. Slowly slipping my hand between her legs, to begin massaging her thigh, my fingers encounter the wetness leaking from her vagina.
Smiling at this angel laying before me, I add this to the oil already upon my fingers as I work at the muscles of her thigh.
I slowly remove her stockings, one at a time, as I work my way down her leg. Once again re-oiling my hands, I gently begin to massage her feet, taking extra care not to tickle her in the process.
Looking back up along her beautiful body, I notice that her legs have moved apart a little more, allowing me a full view of her hairless pussy.
Finishing off massaging her feet, I sit back and ask her softly to turn over so that I may continue the massage on her front.
Opening her eyes slightly, she holds my gaze as she slowly moves into a half-sitting half-leaning position. Her un-clasped bra hanging from her shoulders, swaying slightly before her perfect breasts, seems to be teasing me with brief glimps of her pink nipples.
"No.." she whispers to me.
"No?" I ask in reply.
"No... Now it is my turn to have some fun..."

What happens next...is up to your imagination...

Any ladies care for a massage?

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