Wisdom beyond my years!  

FallenAngel341 32F
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2/26/2006 4:09 pm

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5/2/2006 2:42 am

Wisdom beyond my years!

Hmmm,I dunno if it has to do with my size or my knowledge but I've noticed I attract older people.In real life,on here and to my blog!Well as far as it goes to partying I'm your typical 21 year old,but everything else I act kinda older about.For those who believe in reincarnation,I definately think I've been here before with my knowledge of people and the world that is.But for those who don't,it might have to do with the knowledge I aqquired in this life.Lemme tell yall afew things about me,my childhood was kinda crazy,I saw stuff that most people don't hear about or see until they're teenagers or adults.For example like I've said in 1 post in a group,my mom and dad was one of those May-December romances if you could call it that.Still to this day I really don't understand why my dad was an Alcoholic,I was 14 when I found out that it wasn't normal to drink 10 beers and 5 glasses of whisky a day,everyday.My mom worked alot,so when she was gone and after he passed out I REALLY liked to walk to the library and read.As odd as it sounds my childhood sounded alot like that one book,now movie Mathilda,besides the fact that I'm black,I'm from Illinois not the U.K.,didn't have those cool powers she did,my dad stayed at home and my mom worked alot,and a teacher didn't adopt me at the end! lol!But I did outgrow little kid books quick.Another reason I tend to date more white men than black men,white men never diss me for being so articulate and well spoken.Black men see it as I'm "trying" to act white,but I've always been this way.Due to reading alot I'm well cultured and my parents,they REALLY didn't want me to speak "ebonics",they said they didn't want me to sound just like some uneducated black girl.But also when I was 19 we lost our home and I was homeless for a year which helped me gain perspective,after being a spoiled Air Force brat.When my dad died I was 15,we didn't have as much money to keep the place then.So as weird as it sounds I'm really greatful for that experience,it helped me grow more mentally and spiritually,and I DEFINATELY know the true value of a dollar now,instead of running to the mall every other day with my girls to buy junk.So that coulda been a factor to my maturity as well.Well anywho if you read this much you must be tired of this by now,so I'll bid you ado!

rulookin4alikkin 55M

2/28/2006 2:55 pm

You are wise beyond your years..I find you very interesting.

FallenAngel341 32F
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2/28/2006 5:55 pm

Why thank you,from what I've been through it can only get more interesting from here!

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