Florida Fun!  

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6/25/2005 1:30 am

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Florida Fun!

So... Here I am at home, in the lovely sunshine state. Well, whoever came up with that was totally bullshiting. It has done nothing but rain the entire time I have been here. Sence Wednesday night. My family had like 8 in of water in the yard. Its crazy.
Not to much is going on. It is currently 4:18am on Saturday morning. I just got home. My girlfriends and I went out for the night. First we went to Chilis and had drinks. I am a huge huge Tequlia fan. Drank ritas and shots. Had a nice dinner. The server was this guy and he actually sat down with us the whole time. I guess he didnt have anymore tables but when we came in he said he would wait on us. It was cool and all, but I did also want to catch up on thing with my girlfriends. They made me give the guy my number and tell him to go down town after work and meet us at the clubs. I did just to please them, but I told them that I wasn't all that into him. Nice guy, just not my type.
After Chilis we went downtown, to a club. Tabu. It was okay, ladies night so not to bad. We didnt stay in there to long because the music was kind of sucky. So then we went down to Macuos. It was good except there were so many people there you litterly could not walk, dance, drink, smoke, or anything else. Well, we attemted to dance for about an hour and then called it quits. There were so many people in there that you couldn't breath.
After we left there we went to some guys house (a friend of one of the girls I was with) and hung out over there. It was fun and they were all drinking. Then we called it a night and came home.
Over all things have been really good. The baby shower is tomorrow, I am excitied. I didn't relize she is due next month. She is 34 weeks. (She = my sister)
Other then that things have been good. Just kind of hanging out and taking it easy. On Sunday we are going to go on a ride on the Harleys. That is always fun.

Well, until next time....


ByteChaser2 53M

6/25/2005 6:21 am

Don't ya just hate it when friends try and rope you in to doing things you'd just as soon forget about? Ahhh well. What are friends for right


pusskins2000 41F

6/26/2005 9:46 pm

Interesting topic here. You have taught me a few things about my own blogity blogs. I think one has to stay on their topic more than they ( end up doing.

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