The Adventurous Me  

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12/8/2005 4:13 pm

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The Adventurous Me

OK, so some of you want to know about some of the stuff I've done in my short 34 years. I'll highlight a few of the cool things:

1. Yes, I really was a College Cheerleader. No I'm not gay and have never been curious. College Cheerleading was awesome. Not only did I get to hold a girl above my head and look up her skirt, most guy cheerleaders were gay, leaving the girls to me. Yes I was fucked a lot in college. No the cheeleader fantasy doesn't go aware but you become more discerning on it.

2. I like to hike and rock climb. I don't climb so much anymore, but want to start back up. I've hike and spent several days in the bottom of the Grand Canyon, several times.

3. I snow ski.

4. I have acted on the mainstage at Second City in Chicago.

5 I have flown in an aerobatic airplane. Actually it was an "extra300 aircraft" and is an experimental airplane. Very cool experience.

6. I have traveled all over the world including China, Europe and South America. I have been on 4 continents, only a few more to go!

7. I have whitewater rafted in Alaska.

8. I have flow on a hangeglider and in hot air balloons.

So, you could say I have had lots of adventures. I love variety and danger. My next goal is to get into adventure racing (think eco-challenge).

What would you like to experience?

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