Help wanted... you help finish the story  

FNeedsSex15212 45F
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9/14/2005 7:49 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Help wanted... you help finish the story

All I could think about all day was getting out of here. My job is thankless and I have a week of vacation just to do nothing at all or anything I want. Luckily tomorrow is a company holiday so I get an extra day! It’s only 4:00? Wasn’t it 4 when I looked an hour ago? Maybe it’s the fact that the air conditioner is not working right again. Good thing I didn’t wear nylons today. Either way, the perspiration between my legs is more than enough to drive me wild. At 5’9” any skirt I wear seems as if a mini so I enjoy wearing them in the hotter months. That’s why I moved to northern Georgia. I loved the idea of being near the mountains but wanted the warmth and heat of the coastal regions.
Don’t get me wrong, Northern Georgia really isn’t the place for me. I’m a bit too liberal for the standard folk. But I’m just under an hour from Atlanta and just about as far from the Appalachian trails. Since I am alone here and quite haven’t found the scene I’m into, I go wander the trails on the weekends. It keeps those legs of mine in really great shape. Maybe I can spend this last hour at work looking for a better-suited place for me but with all of the access I have here. I could go to California, but, well, you know. It’s not for anyone who doesn’t have an agenda to become someone in entertainment or the surfing world.
At my height I would fit in but I’m not as girly as I should be. I like to camp and hike. I wear mini skirts without nylons to cause a stir. My ever-changing blue eyes compliment my long auburn hair is a bit wild, but so am I. When I was in NYC it was easy for me to get out and explore. My wild side that is. Boy, do I miss those days. Just a jaunt to Grenich Village and I would be in my sweet spot. I could kiss all the girls and all the boys without thinking anything wrong. Here, I give a friendly peck on the cheek and I hear bible sermons at lunch!
I have to look for somewhere else to live or some sort of underground community here. I can’t believe it’s been over a month and I haven’t fucked anyone! Honestly, . . .

RailBaron2 54M

9/17/2005 11:53 pm

Hi Fneedssex, I'm Jim & I'm out here in californias high desert. I cannot read your profile, or see your photo.My blog has my profile
& a photo. Your 34 -good I'm 42, your 5'-9" very good I'm 6'2". Long auburn hair-Perfect.your in Georgia-@#$%$#! Wheres a winning lottery ticket when I need one.
if you want to come to california be forewarned things out here are Higher than a Jet propelled Kangaroo. where i'm at it can be 105 in the shade in summer- we do have a dry heat, low humidity, but it can get down to 6 degrees in the winter.Its been over a month since you've had sex? Try 9 years. any way just wanted to stop & say hello,
Jim- A.K.A. RailBaron2

FNeedsSex15212 45F

9/21/2005 3:51 pm

Railbaorn2 and any others
Please remember this is a complete the stoy blog help finish the fantasy as you would want it to finish
Thanks for the fun help!

big54al 62M
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10/10/2005 3:08 pm

Honestly, I get so horny I can't stand it. I bought a pair of the panties with a built in vibrator that works by remote control. The traffic jams around Atlanta are never ending, we crawl along for 30 minutes sometimes. My skirt is already a foot above my knees, but if I see a guy checking my legs out, I'll reach over to the glove box and hike my skirt up more in the process. It is funny seeing thes guys try to jockey their SUV's or work trucks into position for a good peek. I will rub the inside of my thighs and turn the vibrator on and off, working myself into a sexual frenzy, sometimes having orgasm after orgasm.

Mr_Goodgiver 59M

10/12/2005 11:22 am

“What’s this?” I see that icon on the screen telling me that I’ve got mail. “How nice… it’s that Mr.Goodgiver guy out by the airport… hello!”

Says here he’s seen my magazine articles, likes what he’s read, seen my profile, REALLY likes what he’s read (and seen)… ahh, how sweet… he even likes my blogs! Wants to meet…


We had a wonderful time! Met for coffee at the Eat n’ Park out there on University Boulevard. Went back to his place for dessert (pie ala mode! - and no spit!) Once inside, he turned me around to face him and kissed me like I was the most special woman in his life… our tongues seemed to be one tongue darting back in forth from one mouth to another… like we were giving each other life. I pushed him gently onto the bed, and delighted in the growing bulge in his jeans as I slowly and seductively undressed for him. He started to get undressed himself, but I stopped him… that was a pleasure I wanted all for myself. Totally naked, I stood before him, touching myself… his eyes sparkled. He sat up on the edge of the bed and gently pulled me by my waist closer to him. Looking up at me, he smiled lovingly, then kissed my belly button while his fingers began to explore the outer regions of my pussy. He put a finger inside, and with his thumb started stroking my clit… “Suck it!” I whispered. “In due time,” he replied and stood to embrace me once again. Our tongues locked while I groped to strip him naked. We fell to the bed, still clinging to each other, tongues still tied in wet indulgence.

He rolled me onto my back and began to explore my tits… holding them on either side of his face as he licked first the cleavage, then each of my hardened and sensitive nipples. I reached for his cock, but he pushed my hand away. “Not yet… this is ALL for you now!” As he sucked on my fleshy mounds, his hand once again found my pussy… he spread the lips and resumed tickling my clit… so gentle… like a feather. His hands slid their way down my sides to my hips, and his tongue followed a path to my belly button again, then on to it prize… “Suck it!” I whispered again. And this time, he did. Pulling it with his lips, then letting it go… again, and again… then with a wide tongue, he licked my pussy lips from top to bottom… again, and again… and again and again… Then back to my clit, hungrily sucking it… again, and again… and again and again… How much time had gone by? It seemed like an eternity… I lost track of everything else around me… it could have been an hour… Then, without warning, he gets out of bed and comes back with a can of aerosol whipping cream… oh my God! As if I wasn’t wet enough already…

Okay… there you go Sweetie… now it’s your turn to finish the story!

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