Continuing the party...  

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9/10/2005 6:46 pm

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Continuing the party...

I’ve only fucked men and petted with women. I want to do so much more but always seem to get cold feet at the last moment. But that’s all I masturbate about. I would be out with a group of girlfriends and we would be bar hopping. Maybe it’s someone’s birthday and we would have a limo for the night. All dressed in short, tight fitting sheer dresses. Just daring the men not to cum when they see us walk in! We would be having so much fun drinking and dancing; we wouldn’t want the night to end. So, someone suggests a slumber party at her place so we can drink and dance some more! We ask “James” to take us there and we all pile up the stairs to her through and through on Manhattan. The music comes on, the wine pours and we dance.
Our sexy uncomfortable shoes come off as well as jewelry. Hair comes down from clips and pins. We dance in small groups to the gyrating pulse of club music. Hands are on hips and asses are rubbing into pelvises and other asses. We are all laughing and having a great time holding onto each other and dirty dancing. A slow song comes on and we all jokingly pair up to dance. As we dance arm wrapped around each other our group huddles in close, no one wants to be to far away from the group. Heads start to rest on shoulders and we can’t help it, we start to kiss the base of our partners’ neck. Our hands start to caress the others’ sides to the edge of their breast. We then move down to fondle their ass. Our lips are just so lightly touching. Is it okay to make out here? The new notice all of us are doing the same thing. Our hostess moves to the CD player to make sure we stay on slow music for a good long while.
I can feel my dance partners nipples through both of our skimpy dresses. Neither of us bothered to wear a bra and I know I didn’t wear panties either. I whisper and ask if she would like to take off my dress. I feel her hands slide down me and come up my thighs. Her hands are soft and warm against my skin. She goes slowly as she traces the lines of my ass to my upper back. I step back slightly as the dress comes over my head. She looks at me and I can tell she wants her dress off to. All I hear is my heartbeat and the rustle of fabric all over the floor.
I can feel my wetness now. I know that the others are doing the same. I am so excited just thinking of the ten of us all lying in pairs next to each other on the floor. All naked and fondling whatever skin comes into touch. I notice as I bring her dress up that she has chosen to go pantie-less as well. What a pretty shade of blond she has. Just the smallest amount of hair at the top of her lips! I want so much to smell it, to touch it with my fingers and my tongue. Before I can move she has her mouth over my left nipple and is lightly squeezing my right. She has positioned herself so that she is sideways to me. I run my right hand in her hair and my left wanders over her back. I loose thought and my hand goes over her ass and into her crack. She moans onto my nipple and the feel makes me grow harder and bigger in her mouth.
I let my hand slide down to the edge of her pussy. I can feel the heat, I know she is getting wet like I am. I let my finger dip inside just to teas her. I also add to the torture by allowing my finger to slide some of her juices up her ass and to her hole. I do this a couple of times to get the moans but also to get enough moisture in the area. She quickly rotates so the now she has her mouth on my right breast. I now have to moisten my right finger so I quickly jut it into her wet and accepting pussy. I give it a few thrusts get it deep and moist. I slide it up her ass and into her hole. Just the tip at first until I feel it grab my finger and demand more of it. I can tell she loves this. Her technique on my nipple is getting erratic and feverish. I push my finger in further and further bringing it in and out every time. My thumb is extended upwards so that it teases her crack and my middle finger is straight but slightly bent so it hits her taint area to teas her pussy. My hand it wet and is sliding in and out of her. I stand her up and take my left finger and place it into her pussy. AS I push into her ass with the right I move out of her pussy with the left. As my finger pushes into her pussy, my other pulls out of her ass. I plant my feet firmly so that I can accommodate her rocking back and forth onto and off of my fingers as they penetrate her as far as I can.
Someone handed me a lubed up double ended dildo. I place one end into her ass as another backs up onto the other end. I place my right hand on her back as I push into her with my left. The other girls partner does the same in the opposite rhythm so one is always pushing and the other is pulling on the dildo. Their asses slap against each other in a frenzied state as I decide to get onto my knees and finger her. I get better positioning this way plus I can lick her clit as she comes into me. She gladly obliges and her moans become grunts of passion. I can feel her getting hotter with the blood flow. I see someone place their hands around her to grasp another girl. Between them they hold both girls up but they are still able to move as their bodies demand. The holders and rubbing each other’s breasts and feeling the movements of our girls sharing the dildo. I smile for a moment and think of the old London bridges game! That’s when I feel something under me. I look down and see a face coming through my legs. I spread wide enough so she has room. I continue to teas my friend on the dildo with my tongue. My friend below me is teasing my clit and fingering my pussy. She knows all the right moves on me. It doesn’t take long before my moans mix with the others. I can’t stop my hips. I want to thrust and ride her tongue. She grabs a hold of my ass and pushes me into her. I feel her finger dip onto my ass to pleasure me both ways as well. So as I push into her mouth her finger is coming out for me. I am also pushing into my friend. My tongue starts to go wild over her clit. Our friends holding her up are kissing her and each other all at one time. Their hands are all over breasts while she is fingering their pussies. The other girl has her fingers in their asses. We are all tied into one finger-fucking knot with the two in middle sharing a double dildo up the ass.
It’s not may moments longer when all of us are moaning and gyrating in motion together. My pleasure is setting someone else off and so on and so on. The moans are very loud though we don’t notice all we can think about is cumming and cumming now. It starts with the girl I am fingering and licking. I feel her start to shutter and then she is rocking violently against me. My lips are locked around her clit sucking while my tongue flickers her exposed head. I am right behind her and am riding the girl underneath me quite hard. She encourages me by shoving her finger fast and hard into my ass and her tongue is far into my pussy moving around touching everything. My moans have become screams, which vibrate on my friend’s clit. She lets loose and I taste her sweet juice in my mouth. Mine lets loose at the same time as if in tandem. The rest of the group is cumming now too. As we all finish we still massage and each other and move together until all of us are done. I move back so I can make my friend under me cum. That’s when I realized that she had inverted the strap on vibrator to herself and was grinding it into herself as she pleased me. I kissed her mouth hard and tasted my juices on her lips. I asked if she needed anything else, she said she would request it later. She knew I was exhausted and wanted to rest.
We all cuddled up in each other onto the plush carpet and lightly caressed until we were all asleep.

CutieLadee 34F

9/10/2005 8:07 pm

that's hot. i wanna join that party....

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9/10/2005 9:30 pm

top read, awesome sex !!!

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9/15/2005 4:25 am

Wonderful erotic imagery! Your imagination is certainly active, and something tells me your fantasies are just about ready to come true!

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7/30/2006 6:44 pm

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