Sexual fun in the Public Arena  

FLFESFireCaptain 54M
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8/20/2006 11:15 am

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1/17/2007 9:58 am

Sexual fun in the Public Arena

So, I was curious as to who has had any type of sexual fun in the public where they might get caught? I have had mutual masterbation in the front seat of my truck in a couple parking lots. I have had a BJ while driving, and I have given oral to a woman while she was driving. I have had sex on the bank of a lake while boaters were within site. I have had mutual masterbation under a table in the dark corner of a resturant...

How about anyone else???
Yes, I have had sexual fun in a public place.
No way, would not want to get caught.
Want to, but a little scared.
Have been waiting for someone to do it with.

FLFESFireCaptain 54M

8/20/2006 11:17 am

It is very exciting and stimulating to have sexual fun in public places. It just adds that daring zing to things... Lots of fun.

herupakhered 40T
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8/23/2006 11:55 am

I didn't find it that interesting. I'm essentially indifferent and oblivious to the whole public exposure and open spaces affair.

My experience here consists of once on the porch of a house, a couple of times in parking lots, and a number of times at house parties with numerous onlookers who themselves seemed indifferent to the goings-on. I think there may have been a couple other instances too long ago for me to remember clearly. All this is not to say it was common at all, just that there have been enough times for me to know my own reaction.

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