An Alternative to Women in Bars  

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3/18/2005 8:15 am

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An Alternative to Women in Bars

I hate picking up women in bars! Not because of some fear of rejection, lack of self confidence, or anything like that, but because when women enter a bar they put on a persona that is twilight zone to their actual personality. Just ask any guy who has picked up a chick from a bar and started dating her just to find out that she isn’t the sexy cool chick but actually some stalking needy crazy girl that plays Nancy Drew in the middle of the night trying to figure out what you have been doing in those few precious moments you weren’t with her. There are three types of women that go to bars:

1. The self loathing needy girl looking for attention.
2. The groupie, which you will never see at a bar alone or without 20 of her closest girl and guy friends.
3. The user, who flirts and teases guys all night to get free drinks and then leaves a false number.

Here are your chances with these women:

Self loather - Most likely to pick-up and if you can leave in the middle of the night it will be the most meaningful one night stand you ever had at the damage of her already fragile psyche.

Groupie - Fair chance, if you can catch her away from the group than you have a 50% chance depending upon how attracted she is to you, how much she has had to drink, and how conservative or liberal her group is. You don’t know until you ask but be careful because you may get a self loather who happens to be in the group. Actual chances of finding a cool chick in this scenario are closer to 1 in 5.

User - Not a chance in hell. These callused women have made an art out of using men and if they don’t already have a boyfriend (or girlfriend for that matter) than they don’t want one. Typically these women have recently been hurt by someone and they are out for revenge.

So what should you do? Pick up only women you meet online? Scary proposition if you look at the typical psychological profile of women who seek online dating websites like AdultFriendFinder. However, pure numbers says that even if you have a 1 in 5 shot of finding a normal cool sexy chick you have thousands to choose from (if you live in the big cities).

Instead I recommend scouting shopping stores, coffee shops, and business lunch hangouts.First, this plays on their desire for the perfect romantic encounter when they weren’t expecting it. Do your homework; learn a little about women's fashion and you even will be able to pick out the coolest of the cool chicks (designer jeans with a silk shirt or Levis with a tight top? If she is shopping go with the Levis, more casual and comfy means that she ok with letting her hair down, i.e. cool). Another tip is notice the shoes. Most women spend ALOT of time deciding which shoes to wear. Take this into consideration.
Using this approach has an added golden bonus included: The perfect pickup line: "I couldn’t help but notice your incredible outfit." If she smiles and responds approvingly than introduce yourself and let your practiced charm flow. If she looks wearied out than say "I just had to tell you, have a nice day." and walk away. If you see this chick again, she will approach you because you will have been on her mind for the rest of the day. No way a woman can receive a compliment like that from a guy and not let it get to her head. It is a golden line and from experience it does work if you play cool, pay attention to the details of what women are wearing, and chase only the kind of chick you are looking for.

Let me know if there are any successes or if I have told a terrible lie ladies and gentlemen.

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