Sex at Work  

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10/18/2005 12:29 am

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Sex at Work

Let me start form the beging about a week ago a co worker of mine walked up to me this was like friday nite adn we begon a friendly conversation and then he said can i tell u someting and i said sure he says you know ur a good lookijng girl but u got an attitude adn what u need in some dick up in you to solve it and then he walks off ........ When i get off i call him back at work and tell him that he needs to watch what he syas because there is a few comments i felt like saying but i censored my mouth ........... The next nite at work he approched me agian and told me pretty much the same thing but this time he added if i wasnt married i would give you some..... I responed with that is between you and her not me and you so what she dont know want her ..... so we agreeed to meet sunday around noon at the creek below my house since i am staying with grandparents since trying to save money to go back to school........ so we hooked up sunday and had amazeing wonderful sex.... then monday tuesday wedensday we made out in teh supply room upstairs.... He told me a variety of times that he reallly liked me and he hoped we could stay close that he was haveing some trouble in his marrage and that he really needed someone in his life right now.........then thursday we left on our lunch break and made out and agian on friday but friday i gave him head also.... he constently tld me he liked me and hoped that as soon as he left his wife we could be more then friends and lovers....then saturday nite rolled around and he startred acting different he barely talked to em and all and when i asked him what was wrong and he just said he had alot on his mind at the time then when i got off work he told me we needed to talk.............. I asked him to call em sunday adn we could meet up and talk he never called or showed up ....... so monday when i got to work he told me he had family promblems and all then when we went to sit in his car during lunch he went to start kissing on me and i asked him to lets talk about whatever it was that he wanted to........ he told me he was going to give his marriage one more try his wife had found out about em and asked him to give it one more try..... but i have seen him with another girl at work all the time and even seen them makeing out in the parking lot when i went out for lunch the other day.....

can anyone help me figure this sitition out??????????? PLease help i really begin to like the guy.....

HayesBennyTufts 49M

10/18/2005 12:30 pm

Plain and simple....he's a player....he is "having his cake and eating it too"....sounds like he's a cocky SOB to boot, that thinks he is god's gift to women

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