Who is She?  

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2/12/2006 5:49 am

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Who is She?

she left with no departure destination.
there was no here nor there.
lost scars of information passing through my brain, scattered, foggy like a morning after the rain the night before.
things seemed disconnected to her, yet linear; all encompassing.
she came as quickly as she would leave.
she would stay awhile and spend the afternoon waiting, idling.
or she would pass through quickly, like a freight train's wake.
she would brush past, rustle your hair, or blow magic dust in your eyes.
at once here; then gone.
she would either fill the space of a room with her slow, meticulous rhythmic chatter or she seemed invisible, unpresent, to the eye or hand or ear or nose or thought.
sometimes loud and boistrous or quiet and unassuming.
but she was always there.

she was always there when you took that decisive snapshot of a child blowing out a wish on their birthday cake.
or she was there when the flash lit up the preserved blob of a finger.
summer family vacations always included her patience with high blood-pressure fights or restlessness on the headlit highway.
the first day of school, frosh day at junior high included her laughter and her tears.
the birds, the bees and scraped knees.

been there, done that, heard that, don't care, she was aware.

she wore patience to a virtue.
she moves on, she wears on.
there at the beginning, on past the end.
someone once said they invented her but not true now she saw right through him, how she draws for him, how she drew for him, more or less, more for less, less is more, less is moral, less is morale.

discipline she is and portrays.
mysterious: always there when unexpected; disinspected.
creeping into memory; tangling up thoughts and daydreams; desires and passion.
she is always waiting... waiting... waiting... waiting... waiting... waiting... waiting... for you.
like music, a melody or riff that sneaks into the heart and soul and mind; lingers for awhile, passes through lips and moves into another heart and soul and mind.

lost, searching, finding, going nowhere; going somewhere, who knows where but she's going along for the ride.
on air, water, or pavement she'll be there.
she doesn't drive much, but she's always driving: in the driver's seat, moving forward, never looking back.
back looking at never; neverland, never land.
the past is always made clearer in the future.
tomorrow's yesterday is today, she reminds you clearly, politely, moderately, decisively and definitively.
forever after; for evermore.
ashes to ashes, dust to dust.

F1reman6969 49M

2/15/2006 3:55 pm

thanks again, Opal,
i look forward to yours as well.

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