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2/24/2006 2:00 pm

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super duper boring day.
worked way too long to get too much done.
the best thing that happened was that adam phoned me to invite me to his house warming tomorrow night.
i'm hoping that his friend maja will show up, because i'd really like to see her again.
she's so easy to talk to.
the other good thing that could happen is that candice could show up.
or better yet, both of them.
okay, maybe that wouldn't be better.

hoping that there will be some looking and turning away, then looking again.
and some subtle touching and indiscriminate smiles; some tossing and playing with the hair;
looks over the rims of glasses; whispers hinting darker places; soft music; casual conversation; hints of more-to-come; hints of seeing-again, being again; smiles, not knowing, but knowing smiles.
less is more, more or less; what's left unsaid is more important than the saying, telling; numbers exchanged; digits memorized with i'll call you tomorrow; don't forgets; forget me nots; glancings and thinkings; she's leaving soon; won't be back so soon; gone to find a self that's already inside her in a faraway place; faraway places with faraway people; but the same so close to home; she's waited for this; timing is everything, but time is precious; she's leaving soon; he's staying, waiting, wanting, watching her; she's leaving, going, wanting not to leave but leaving to want more and wanting him to stay and wait.
she asks questions, curious; finding a job; found a job; are you moving to find a job; staying; wanting him to stay; longing.
easy conversation between two people.
she talks about sex without talking about sex because she's not sure she knows what she wants yet.
girl thing.
next week's promises are lunches with others because she's not sure yet.
she phones friends; they phone friends; they phone him.
he knows what's going on, but doesn't let on that he knows what's going on.
a mixer; a housewarming.
he'll be there; she'll be there.
they know everyone knows.
how old are you?
does it matter?
i won't tell you, you have to guess.
i'll give you six years leeway.
what's age got to do with it?
doesn't it come down to being original, unique in all the world?
what about good conversation?
this is good conversation isn't it?
body language.
a thigh and a thigh connected all night on a long couch.
not by accident.
and when they're pulled apart, there is still magnetism.
the thighs find warmth and comfort again, next to each other.
shoulders rub.
hands touch with conviction.
fighting candlelight and handing cigarette smoke.
touching, touching, touching.
longing, longing, longing, longing.
longing, longing, longing, for a tomorrow which will not come soon enough.
then, if all goes right, time won't move slow enough....

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2/28/2006 12:20 pm

so, LOL! are u gonna update us, or just leave us hanging?

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