Hmm.... One on One is Delicious  

F1reman6969 49M
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1/29/2006 3:59 pm

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Hmm.... One on One is Delicious

i had the most amazing night with a bright, fun, intelligent, beautiful and sexy woman.
we met at a lounge in person for the first time yesterday afternoon and our conversation concentrated on the little details in life.
she has a positive cynicism about things and a great sense of humour that i found just as sexy as her beautiful green eyes and her long blonde hair.
we spent a lot of time talking about ourselves, our backgrounds, and our likes and dislikes.
we moved to her house after we both felt comfortable with each others' demeanor, personality and sexual appetite.
i met the "family," two adorable, spirited but well-behaved cats over a couple more drinks.
we cozied up on the couch and watched some television while we learned to read each others body language and got comfortable with each others' bodys.
We moved to the bedroom a while later and kissed passionately for the first time.
absolutely blissfull kisses.
i still think kissing is completely underrated between two people.
we soon stripped, and i explored her mouth further and her neck and breasts and belly
(a woman's belly is so sexy with all those little indents).
from there i moved down to her very hot and beautiful pussy.
i tongued and licked and sucked at her lips and pulled at her flesh until her eyes rolled into the back of her head.
she assisted me by moving her hips and legs in this direction or that.
her pleasure was measured in millimeters and in pressure, rather that large movements.
i found her little berry of a clit and concentrated on sucking and tonguing and nibbling on that until she bucked me away in orgasm and the sensitivity was too intense for me to be anywhere near her pleasure centre.
in those moments i spent my time enjoying the texture of her soft inner labia which were engorged with blood and tasted heavenly with the release of her sweet nectar.
once she had a few moments to recover from her orgasm, i returned my tongue, teeth, lip nibble on her clit.
this time she clamped my head in the visegrip of her legs completely shutting out any sounds she was making and not allowing me to move.
utterly fantastic.
this time i stayed on her clit when she bucked in her second and so forth orgasm.
there is nothing like a multiply orgasmic woman.
i kept pleasing her with orgasm after orgasm after orgasm all orally administered.
i love the taste of womanhood and, like her, i couldn't get enough of her orgasms.
everytime i asked if she wanted another one, she said she did, so i responded by letting her lose herself in the pleasure of her own body.
to me a woman's body is a temple, and she was the most magnificent structure i have ever seen in the architecture of women.
i don't know how long i spent pleasing her, but it must have been hours.
i eased her back into reality by moving away from her clit and concentrating again on the rest of her warm, succulent wetness.
we stopped after she had exhausted herself.
she told me that i had turned her brain to complete mush.
i apologized.
i spent the rest of the night kissing and touching her body before we covered up and fell asleep together.
a most delicious night.
a most delicious woman.
i look forward to seeing her again.
maybe we'll add some desert this time....

fantasyfunmom 46F

1/31/2006 2:43 pm

Wow you are an amazing lover, few men are as attentive and giving as you are. I have been with several men that have totally satisfied me. It was like their whole purpose was to delight and please me, they couldn't get enough and their excitement just made me more and more responsive. I man like you is hard to find, good luck on your journey...

F1reman6969 49M

1/31/2006 8:39 pm

thank you for the kind words.
they come at a good time.
the woman and i have decided to part ways.
it's all good and positive, i've wished her the best and i continue on my way, but it still leaves me feeling rather empty inside after feeling so full.
it's sad really.
i guess i have to change paths now and find what lies ahead.
again, thank you for the kind words, it gives me confidence to know that i can move ahead knowing that the next woman i meet will feel satisfied in my ability to make her happy in mind body and spirit.


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