furstration across the nation  

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8/19/2006 5:12 pm

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furstration across the nation

well yesterday was a fun and exciting night! and by fun and exciting i mean boring and predictable!

this morning/afternoon wasnt much better, the good news: my sox were on national television meaning i could watch far from the regions good ol NESN covers. The bad news: my beloved Olde Towne Team has falled under a collective blanket of suck and got whipped yet again by the dreaded MFYs. So as you can tell the frustration I am refering to is the collective frustration of RSN (as well as the collective frustration in my pants)

and now for something completley different;

I had a rather curious incident on AdultFriendFinder last night, and by rather curious I mean fully typical and expected. I had gained the attention of a lovely 45 year old presumable MILF, (I love these women because they dont mess around and do wonderful things to my penis with their mouth) all seemed to be going rather well, we were close in distance and both seemed to be in the mood for love, things progressed rather quickly and I was asked for the obligatory face pic, something I obliged to as always (BTW I think im gonna post a face pic on my profile, and I dont know why I didnt do it earlier, Im a handsome fella) that was sent and was met rather well. So then came the part we all know to well, the 'so what are you doing tonight?' question, this was answered with a rather unexcpected 'nothing, wanna come over for a swim?' response. BALLS FOR ME! I thought because 1. i like swimming 2. i LOVE sex. eeeexcellent I though, in a few short minutes/hours I was gonna be plowing some sweet MILF booty!

then came a song and dance I know all to well...

It started with 'well... I dunno, it is rather late...' (then what are you doing up? browing a presonals site no less)

then came 'maybe tommarow???' (bitch tommarow I have other plans)

and then finally the dreaded 'but youre young enough to be my son!/Im old enough to be your mother!' line, now I have heard this before and its almost always a death sentance for my boner. I have been able to hop that hurdle once, but alas only once... the rest of the time what it really means is 'id like to fuck you but Im afraid of the might of your mighty member!'

actually what it means is that the lady got cold feet and im once again stuck with my hand as a companion.

now if there are actually any female readers to this thing (theres at least one, hi texas lady!) what is the lowest age difference that you would go? that you have gone? would you make an exception in a special case (me)? and finally...

if women are constantly complaining about the double standart of promiscuity (men=pimps women=whores) and age difference (catherine zeta jones and michael douglas, hugh hefner and everybody hes ever fucked) why do you abide by these standrats? and more imporatntly if you could avoid them, would you make the same choices?

Lineholder71 44M/46F

8/24/2006 9:48 am

Are you sure you are only 21? You are very articulate and can actually SPELL! Sorry, huge pet peeve of mine!
After finally finishing this blog between spasms of hysterical laughter, I must say it was the lady's loss.
Being that I am freshly 36, I don't normally seek out anyone under the age of 28. HOWEVER, someone as well spoken and intelligent as yourself is always the exception to the rule.
Happy hunting!

Screw you guys...I'm going home!

Lineholder71 44M/46F

8/30/2006 10:03 am

i would always consider a person no matter thier age. It is usually their maturity level that deflates my woody. At the hotplace, Davidunderscorevicky71.

Screw you guys...I'm going home!

Lineholder71 44M/46F

8/30/2006 10:04 am

OMG< I MISTYPED their!!! TYPO not lack of smarts...

Screw you guys...I'm going home!

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