EyeCandy33333 44F
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8/4/2006 12:45 am

To complete my Thursday and add to my lovely home-I finally purchased one of those little indoor "waterfalls".Now I really like that-but setting it up was a little different for me-u know-cause I don't like to read the instructions.
So-I set it up-plugged her up-nothing much happening. SO, I picked the top up and adjusted the little thingie and then plugged it back in.
Still not quite what I thought it should be-I adjusted the flower thing that the water squirts out of.
Well-that surely did it-had water squirting all over the fireplace -on the carpet-think my eyes got pretty big.Hands wet-I unplugged it-and no I didn't die from shock.SO I moved the flower(cause it looked like a dog peeing) so it would fall just ever so right and added scented candled around so the light would glisten just right.It's very soothing-but also kinda makes you wanna go to the bathroom.
Anyway -I am on to some more brainstorms I have been having this week-I just hope I can remeber them all!

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