@##$%!^&*(^%$##%#@@^&!@!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!MOTHER FUCKER  

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8/3/2006 11:18 pm

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@##$%!^&*(^%$##%#@@^&!@!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!MOTHER FUCKER

Now darling(I have your attention)-I have had such a day-lol!Trying to get in contact with the right arsehole to fix something for an elderly person(mine-Mom). It is sooooooooooo frustrating-one agency hires someone to install a fucking water heater-then the thing starts making th hot water smell like rotten eggs after 6 months-except the elderly person thinks it's her entire water system which is city water-so when you do figure it all out-the damned warranty is out on it.
SO now-no one will fix it-unless you pay $$$-the damned thing is not that old I say(leaving out Damned).I called 6 no 7 different people-finally a lady-the manufacturer-says the anode watever composition must have made contact with bacteria and then that converts into=====SULFUR-in other words the rotten egg smell and said elderly person has been pretty much sich-upset tummy-vomiting and diarrea over the past 6 months and so I have had to help her(cause it was my Mom and I love her).
Now I'm spiffing mad about this-they tell me they need the model and serial number---so I call the store cause somone is not at her home so I can't reach her for that info.The store says-they can't pull the info up on the fucking computer that all I have to do-is look on the front of the water heater.
Now seriously dear people-I purchased and installed a washing machine for her yesterday and a screen door-stayed there 5 hours and today spent 4 hours helping her up to that point today.Something inside of me wants to scream-will you people please help me-but I stay cool, contained and say thank you for your help mam-and she said you probably will need to be there for the people to talk more about it with you -so you will be rite in front of the machine--LIKE YEAH-FUCK!
So-I go back there-and call the manufacturer-again-and get-some ding dong goofy lady- and she tells me look on the front I look-nothing-look on the side-nothing-look on the other side-nothing.
Well-if you know me -by now I have screw driver in hand and am taking it apart-nothing-nothing--and finally I take the top off-NOthing. By now-I am a mad-woman I climb on the washer next to it and peer around back nothing-the dumb ass says well I don't know what to tell you-and I say-well it looks like a washing machine-the shape--finally I get down with a flashlight on the floor-pull a piece of carpet back and "VOILA" the fucker is there!
She says-emmmmmmmmm-we don't cover that(and I am mumbling mf in my mind. I said the last nice lady I spoke with told me to get this info nd call back-telling all the history-and that she would switch me to customer relations and she says-OH!
So-I get their answering service-and politely left a message-told them if my Mom was a woman that believed in suing someone( and she has been very sick)that I certainly would look into it-but all we are trying to do is get this taken care of.
Shit-I'll probably end up paying for it anyway-but I just spent $$$ for a new washer and the door-and now the air conditioner on her car needs freon so I'll have to get a guy I know and pay him--I know I ramble on. Did I say I have a brother and a sister.It doesn't feel like it most all of the time on these matters.

Ohhhh really-it was just another day in paradise.

EyeCandy33333 44F
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8/4/2006 10:40 am

I just talked to the nicest man-from the manufacturer-they are replacing the whole thing-putting the correct annode rods in and labor charges included to help-there are people who care!
He sounded really nice-prolly looked nice too-bet he didn't know who he was talking with (giggling)!

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8/4/2006 12:27 pm

LOL sounds like you had a great day over there. At least it got better towards the end.

EyeCandy33333 44F
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8/4/2006 9:07 pm

Yes darling-but no wonder the elderly get so frustrated when they are told call, call, call-and everyone passes the buck.
But-I am so very thankful to have contacted 2 at the manufacturer and the others that were trying to be helpful-it's like pulling around a load of bricks-never feeling like you are getting anywhere-then boom-that man-Aaron-called today-said all that they will have the local company that carries their product do-and I am smiling!

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