The Gym .....................(story)  

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The Gym .....................(story)

As he drove up to the gym he saw her standing impatiently outside, she was pacing back and forth, her long blonde hair whipping around her pretty face as she spun on her heel. He could tell from her agitated expression that she was pissed off that he was late. As he opened the car door she turned around and looked in his direction. She stood with one knee bent, her gym bag thrown over her shoulder and one hand on her hip. As he walked toward her, he drank in her body. She was wearing a white v-neck tee shirt and red shorts. Her long legs were tan and muscular and her white high tops almost hid her short crew socks. Her hair was pulled back into a high ponytail that bounced when she walked and she was wearing tortoise-rimmed sunglasses. As he drew closer he was aware that she had what appeared to be a dark colored bra under the white tee shirt and he could swear that he saw the stiff points of her nipples trying to poke out of the thin fabric. Even without a lick of makeup she was pretty. He apologized profusely for being late wondering why he should even say he was sorry for the perhaps ten minutes he was tardy but he knew her fiery temper. It was funny, she would think nothing of being 15-20 even 30 minutes late and would expect him to be waiting for her with a smile on his face, if he dared complain she would threaten to go home knowing that he would never let her out the door. She flashed him a quick smile and a curt nod to his apology and said simply, “Let’s go.” He had borrowed the key to the gym from one of his friends. It was early Sunday afternoon and the gym was closed on Sundays. She had once confessed to him that she had many sexual fantasies about the gym and it was his firm desire to indulge her. As they walked into the cool air-conditioned atmosphere he watched her take in the posh of the club. Even in the climate controlled perfumed air and over the deep carpet pile under their feet you could still slightly smell the sweat and tears of hard work. He excused himself to turn on the hot tub so it would be warmed up for an after workout soak and turn on the power to the steam and sauna rooms. As he walked back to the main floor of the gym he wondered how long they were going to keep up the charade of working out before they got down to some serious sex. He knew she didn’t like to be rushed but he was already hard in his sweatpants. His erection was pushing against the fabric, making a noticeable tent. As he walked into the gym he saw her lying on one of the benches. From his angle her spread legs caused her shorts to gap slightly and he was fairly certain he caught a glimpse of red satin panties. She sat up as he walked into the room. The bench she was sitting on had obviously been someone’s warm-up weight. It looked like about 135 pounds were on the bar. “I think you better start with something a little lighter,” he cautioned her. He knew from her immediate look back at him that she was going to attempt the weight. “Dj, come on… that is too heavy for you…” he tried to complain but she was already reclining back. “Spot me.” Was all she said? He watched her long red fingernails curl around the bar instinctively going to a medium wide grip. He straddled her face and watched her concentrate. “Do you want help getting it off the bar?” He asked and she almost snapped at him, “Yes.” He helped her lift it off the bar. With his hands securely underneath he watched in amazement as she held it there for a split second, took a deep breathe and then with awesome concentration began lowering it to her ample chest. He was sure she was going to drop it, but she surprised him and controlled the weight evenly down. As her arms came to the point where she would need to push the weight back up, he saw the bar waiver and then her smile….”Ok, ok… help me” she laughed. He grabbed the bar and helped her put it back up although she really did all of the work. After the bar was resting back on its resting place, she began to laugh. Her laughter was like the tinkle of ice in a glass and was contagious. He began to laugh too. “Not as strong as you thought, are you?” he chided. She just laughed harder and said, “I guess not.” He did admire her tenacity. Not many woman would have even attempted the weight, either afraid of being too strong or afraid of failing, but not Dj, she was fearless and it turned him on immensely. “Well, lets see what you can do, fussy boy,” she joked and stood up. She helped him change the weights until almost 300 pounds rested on the bar. The heavy plates seemed to make the bar visibly bend. He prayed he would not embarrass himself. She straddled his face and helped him lift the weight off the bar. As he lowered the weight slowly and steadily, his biceps bulging, he began to lose his concentration.

He could see her red panties clearly now from his angle underneath her, her full lips pinching a bit of the satin between them, creating a small v in the front. He had to bounce the weight off of his chest to get it back up because he was losing his concentration. His dick began to stir in his pants. “Don’t bounce the weight and keep your butt on the bench,” she chided. He forced himself to concentrate, pumped out a few more reps, trying not to concentrate on her pussy, but it looked so inviting, he could swear he saw a damp spot on the fabric. They played at working out a little bit longer. He took every opportunity to touch her. Showing her how to correctly do standing fly’s he let his hands wander to the sides of her breasts. They were standing in front of the mirror. She straightened up and learned back against him. His big hands were around her round waist; she moved them up slowly to her breasts and watched him squeeze them in the mirror as he pushed his stiffening cock into her. She turned to kiss him and his mouth crashed down hungrily on hers. His impatient tongue parted her soft small lips and soon they were embraced in a passionate kiss with their hands exploring each others bodies. She took him by the hand and led him back to the padded bench press. She sat him down and pulled his shirt over his head. “Lie down” she ordered. He stretched himself out on the bench. She straddled him and began rubbing her pussy against his now rock hard cock that was trapped in his pants. Teasing him, just dry humping him … when he reached to push his pants down she grabbed his hands. “No,” she snapped and pushed them over his head. She leaned over his body to kiss him deeply again and as they kissed he heard a zipper, but his mind was elsewhere. It wasn’t until he heard a loud snap and felt cold metal against his wrist that he realized what she had done. As she had kissed him she had reached into her gym bag below and pulled out a pair of handcuffs and now his left wrist was securely cuffed to the left post of the weight bench. His right hand was being held tightly down as she struggled to get another cuff on his right wrist. Then he realized what was happening he began to struggle, but not too hard so as not to hurt her. ”Jesus,” he though as she forced his hand down, he had really underestimated her strength. Before he could think both of his hands were trapped. “Dj,” he said in his sternest, most serious voice, “let me up.” “Oh no … I don’t think so…” she cooed in his ear. “Remember all those phone conversations we used to have where you would tell me all the things you were going to do to me? Well, now it is my turn”… He was about to object more strenuously and was in fact a little pissed off when she pulled her tee shirt over her head. “Hmmm…” he thought, “maybe I should just see what happens.” Her bra was red satin and the combination of her white milky breasts against the bright red was beautiful. She climbed off of him and walked away for a moment. He was straining his neck to see where she went and was about to call to her when the room filled with music... She had simply gone to turn on the sound system. The high energy and pumping base made the room vibrate, it was so loud, she had not turned down the volume and normally the music had to be loud enough to be heard over clanging weights and grunts of exertion. As she reentered his field of vision, she reached up and pulled her hair down out of the ponytail and bent over from the waist to shake it out. As she flipped her hair her large, voluminous breasts bounced. “Come here” he whispered to her and she sided over just out of his grasp. She began moving her hips to the music, swaying back and forth. He realized she was going to strip for him. As she danced her hands roamed over her body, stopping to squeeze her tits through her bra and to rub her ass. She placed one foot on a neighboring bench and bent over at a 90 degree angle to untie her high tops, first one foot and then the other, her round ass moving in perfect circles. With the shoes and the socks off he could see her painted toenails perfectly matched her fingernails. Next came the shorts… she teased him unmercifully, easing them halfway down and then pulling them back up … her hand disappearing into them doing God knows what to her pussy and then coming back out. His erection was beginning to strain against his briefs painfully. Finally they dropped to the floor and she stood before him in her matching panties and bra. This is when the real show began … She danced over to him and straddled his body. She bounced up in down in rhythm to the music still squeezing her large melons and hanging them in his face. She reached behind her back and undid her bra. First she slowly lowered one strap and then the other, until she was holding up her bra with one hand. When she let it drop he let out a groan. Her tits were so large and her nipples so hard. She leaned over his face and dangled them right out of his tongues reach. He tried to straighten his tongue, lengthen it to lick her big stems but she wouldn’t let him.
Finally, she let him get one in his mouth and as she fed him her giant tit, he forgot that his hands were restrained and he tried to reach for her only to feel the cold bite of the handcuffs on his wrists. She moved off of his body and began, in one smooth movement pulling his underwear and sweats off. He gasped as his cock sprang free and the cool air hit his balls. She spread his legs and began licking his inner thighs, biting them gently, sucking on them and then moving up to his balls. Her tongue was wet and hot. She put his nuts in her mouth one at a time and sucked them gently. She fit both in at once, and the slight tinge of pain made is cock jump. As it did, a bead of pre-cum leapt from it, landing on his belly. As she rolled his balls in her mouth, tugging at them carefully, the clear, sticky syrup streamed from the tip of his sex, collecting in a puddle on his abs. With one manicured finger she wiped off as much as she could, and lapped it hungrily off her finger. “Mmmmmm…” she groaned softly. Crawling up on him, her mouth found the smear of the sweet and salty pre-cum, and she slathered it over his abs with her tongue, before working her way up to his nipples, where she began to tease them unmercifully. Meanwhile, her pussy was rubbing his cock up and down. The satin fabric felt cool and damp against his cock. He longed to fuck her. She reached over his head and reached in the gym bag once again. This time what she pulled out made him gasp and shudder with worry and excitement - - it was a vibrator! “Who is that for?” he asked. Without a word she stood up again. She turned the button on the bottom and the vibrator jumped to life in her hand. It sounded almost too loud. She began rubbing it over her cum soaked panties and pulling the legs of the panties away from her body to insert the vibrator just a tad. His cock jerked involuntarily. She began working the panties down her body like the shorts until they fell off her, leaving her completely naked for his viewing pleasure. She began rubbing the vibrator around her tits and down between her legs. She backed up and sat down on the neighboring bench. She spread her legs wide and he could see her glistening pussy. She rubbed it with her fingers and licked the juices off. Then she put the tip of the vibrator between her breasts and began slowly trailing it down her body. At the point of the entrance to her sweet treasure, she paused momentarily to look at him before beginning to guide the toy in. Her moan of pleasure was loud. He watched in fascination as she began fucking herself with the smooth, white shaft, working it slowly at first, then quickly in and out of her wet snatch. Her pussy was so wet he could hear her juices. His arms were beginning to ache and he had never wanted so bad to touch his cock before. With each outward movement of the dildo he could see it was covered with her slick cunt cocktail. Her eyes were closed and her hips were not coming off the bench to meet thrusts. Her nipples were rock hard and with her free hand she was squeezing her breasts. He heard her breathing change and he knew she was going to cum. “You bitch” he whispered. Suddenly he saw her body convulse and then spasm wildly as she screamed in pleasure. He struggled hard and loudly against his restraints. She opened her eyes slowly, that heavy-lidded look of lust and passion making them seem an even deeper green then they normally were. She withdrew the vibrator slowly, her juices trickling down her thighs. Then she put it to her lips and guided it slowly down her throat, gagging a little as five inches of it tauntingly disappeared into her mouth. She closed her eyes hard, cringing as the large tool touch the back of her throat, and she pushed it as far as she could, leaving the ninth and tenth inches for her to hold onto. She pumped it in and out of her mouth with tiny thrusts, keeping it in as far as she could. She removed it from her mouth slowly, and he could see that she was working it with her tongue, cleaning it skillfully, completely, as it slid from the grip of her lips. “You fucking bitch” he moaned. She walked over to him and bent down and kissed his cheek. She reached behind his head and took out the handcuff key and slowly unlocked his wrists. For a few seconds he sat and rubbed his sore arms before grabbing her. He pulled her into his lap. He began kissing her roughly, pulling her arms and kneading her breasts. She struggled a little at first but he knew that she liked it. Grabbing a handful of her hair he stood up. He towered over her. “Let go of my hair!” she squealed. “NO, my pet,” he whispered, his voice hoarse with desire, “it is my turn now.” Picking up the vibrator, he drugged her into the sauna, oblivious to her struggles to follow him. He picked her up and almost threw her on one of the risers. He grabbed her knees and forced them apart. His mouth and expert tongue dove into her freshly trimmed muff. She groaned with pleasure, her clit still ultra sensitive from her recent orgasm. It didn’t take long to bring her off again. The hot wet heat of her pussy combined with the hot wet heat of the sauna was too much for her.

They were both sweating now, and she was feeling a little spent. She tried to lie back after this second orgasm and rest but he pulled her to her feet and stood her in front of him. “Suck me,” he demanded, and without a word his submissive little blonde, once tiger now pussycat, dropped to her knees to receive her lover’s cock. This time there was no teasing, no playful licking - - her mouth attached to him like a vacuum and her skill and desire made his cock so hard every vein was standing out like it might burst. Her mouth moved quickly up and down his sex. Beads of sweat collected on her forehead, and on her back, and some trickled down from her neck onto her chest, dripping off of her stiffened nipples - - she was pumping this new toy not just with her mouth but with her whole body. Her mouth felt like it was somehow rotating on the way down and the incredible suction she created on the way up had him close to blowing his load. His hand was lying gently on top of her blonde hair. He felt his stomach muscles tightening up and his balls getting harder and he knew he was going to cum any minute and more importantly she knew it too. Her rhythm increased. He heard her low guttural moan and he knew any second now he would lose it. With great effort and almost angrily his fingers curled into her blonde hair. With a quick jerk he pulled her mouth off of his cock. Her surprised green eyes looked up at him in shock and she opened her mouth to say something. “Shut-up” he warned her before even a word could get out. He stood her up and put her on all fours on the lowest riser. She was pushing her ass back against him, dying for his cock. He rubbed it slowly, teasingly, against her wet slit. She groaned and tried to push back against it but he took it away. “Do you want it?” he asked her. “Yes” she whispered. “I said DO YOU WANT IT?” he growled at her. “FUCK ME!” she screamed, pushing back against him again. Without her realizing it, he had picked up the vibrator, and switched it on. When she heard it, she said “What are you going to do with that?” Her furled brow confirmed the worry in her voice. Saying nothing, just smiling, he placed the tip of the vibrator in the entrance of her sphincter. “What do you think you’re doing?” She quizzed a sense of curiosity in her words. He worked the tip around her ass, wetting it with her sweat, and returned to enter her slightly, slowly; making sure it was properly lubricated. He gradually pushed harder with time, eventually letting it slip in an inch or two. “Uunngghh!” she grunted in pleasure, as she lowered her head, her wet hair landing on the bench. “Oh yes!” she said as he continued to gently probe her ass with the buzzing toy, filling her eventually with five or six inches of crackling, electric pleasure. She was thrusting herself back against him, feeling his dripping rod brush against the insides of her thighs. “Fuck me now!” she said, still hanging her head in disbelief at how much she enjoyed this new level of passion, this new sensation of alternative fulfillment. Suddenly he jammed his pulsing cock to the root into her tight, wet, hot pussy. She literally screamed. He could feel the tingle of the vibrator on the top of his erection, and he was sure that she too could feel them making contact through the thin membrane. She was experiencing a sensation so new to her that she was delirious with desire. He started to stroke both holes in opposite rhythm, being careful with her virgin rectum. “Oooooh Fuuuuck!” She sang as he began fucking her pussy hard and fast. Her hair was hanging in strands and she tossed it around in rhythm with his thrusts, mesmerized by the rhythmic, involuntary clenching of her anus. Beads of perspiration ran down his massive chest and dripped onto her as he leaned over her, plowing into her again and again. He could see her muscles bulging as she tried not to topple over from his animalistic onslaught. His fat dick was gloved tightly in her pussy. He could feel her wetness trickling down his cock onto his balls. “Fuck me!” she cried. He saw her right hand disappear underneath her and he could feel her rubbing her clit as he pulled her to him and pushed her away, over and over, one hand on her hip as the other controlled the vibrator. “Harder, harder!” she cried. He was breathing hard, and he continued to impale her on his steel-like shaft. His cock was on fire from her steamy cunt, and he was transported by passion as he watched her writhe in pleasurable pain as he penetrated holes over and over. “Oh God, oh god, I am going to cum!” she began to scream. He felt her pussy muscles begin to clamp around his cock as her body began to quake. He grabbed her hair and pulled it back roughly, forcing her to arch her back. With her ass tilted up, he plunged the vibrator into her as far as it would go, making her growl like some beast. Her orgasm was intense, obliterating, and complete. The vibrator was tickling his meat, sending speedy little jolts down his shaft, ending at his balls, causing them to tremble. He slammed into her once more and lost control.

His thick tool began to spasm and throbbing as it shot huge loads of thick creamy cum into her wet snatch, so much that it started spilling from her, landing at his feet.. It dripped from her swollen lips as he slowly pumped his softening meat in and out. For a few moments neither of them moved. Breathing hard he pulled both tools slowly from her as she groaned. She rolled over onto her back and looked up at him as he sat down. She sat up and kissed his cheek and licked perspiration from his shoulder. He smiled at her and thought she had never looked more beautiful. “Come on.” He said standing up. They walked out of the sauna and to the whirlpool. As they waded in they realized he had forgotten to turn the heater on to heat the water, but given their overheated state the cool water felt glorious, clean, soothing. He sat down with his back against a jet and watched as she disappeared momentarily under the water to wet her hair. She waded over to him and climbed his lap. They kissed softly and lovingly, his strong arms around her round belly. She was exhausted. His arms ached and his knees still felt weak from their encounter. As the music played on as they clung together, two warriors now spent. She laid her head on his shoulder and he kissed her damp forehead which tasted sweet and salty at the same time. She closed her eyes and he felt her body melt into his.

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O WOW What a story u tell...................this is HOT! Just as u r DJ.

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10/26/2007 4:46 pm

very nice story. read a few others also and don't know if i should be turned on or scared. lol sounds like you are from somewhere else in profile. i am also a foreigner in a strange land. reply if you would like to chat.

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