Something to Remember............(A Story)  

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5/8/2006 2:25 am

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Something to Remember............(A Story)

A fantasy created for my boyfriend to take with him while away on a golf trip........

Your cell phone rings as a familiar number appears on the screen. As you answer a familiar voice but with a new tone a tone that surprises you yet excites you. The voice demands that you appear at the motel that evening promptly at ten o’clock p.m. When you try to ask more the phone goes dead. Were you hung up on was it a bad connection so many questions your mind begins to race. Do you dare to call back or do you simply accept the demands and find out in person? You look at your watch its only seven o’clock can you handle not knowing more for the next three hours?

You start to get excited with the idea of ten o’clock approaching you enter the shower taking extra time to caress your body with the lather from the soap. You take extra time shaving not to miss any area you are very meticulous tonight. You can’t seem to get that phone call off your mind the voice so familiar yet so different still figuring out if you liked it.

Before you know it time has passed and you drive to that hotel remembering the room number that was so strictly provided on the phone. You approach the designated room as your watch shows ten o’clock. Three knocks on the door one harder then the other third one pushes the door open you didn’t realize that it was ajar. As you enter the room the lights are dim but not darkened. As you clear the walk-in I appear wearing a short red teddy see threw lace allows you to see the definition of my breast.

I approach you slowly at first you think that we are gently going to embrace then by surprise I take you by your shirt across your chest and push you up against the wall. I raised your hands that are trying to wrap around me and place them with one hand above your head pressed lightly against the drywall chilled from the air conditioner running in the background. I take my free hand savaging your clothes off you, first the shirt guiding it over the clamp I have against your hands. All the while I kiss your neck and behind your eyes with a hint of each kiss you can feel my teeth lightly biting you moving lower down your body. Vigorously taking your nipples in my mouth sucking licking at will against your rapidly increasing rise and fall chest. You feel my teeth taunting you just enough grip to heighten your senses but not enough pressure to produce pain.

I slow down to unbuckle your belt the button and zipper to your pants show no resistance to being undone. Sliding my fingers between your hips and your clothes they fall to your ankles. The hand restraining your wrist glides down to your chest as I lower myself to free your pants from your legs and shoes from your feet. My mouth can’t resist your hardening cock as my hands finish freeing you from clothes. Roughly tantalizing your cock and balls with my eager tongue and lips warm and moist to the touch I can hear you moan ever so softly.

Taking control of the movement in your body I guide you to the edge of the bed and push you down onto the edge I stand before you allowing your lips to glaze upon my breast my hand presses against your head bringing you closer wanting you to suck harder and I tell you in a stern voice demanding that you follow instructions.

I tell you that I want you to lick my clit I want you to bury your face into my pussy and don’t let go until I tell you to lick me suck me tongue me endlessly show me no tenderness I want my clit to quiver in your touch. I sway into you I tell you that I want you to put your finger in my pussy as your tasting me you start out hard pushing your finger in deep and deeper but I tell you to caress the opening I want you to slowly enter and pull out in unison with your tongue on my clit. After a few minutes I push your head away telling you that you have had enough for now. My push seems to land you back on the bed in which you take notice to the towel laid out with an array of toys neatly arranged.

I slap onto the side of your leg and tell you to move up onto the bed now you are lying diagonal across the bed with your feet barely reaching the edge of where you once sat. Slowly freeing my breast from behind the lace I climb above your body rubbing my breast from the moisture still left on your cock from my mouth all the way up to your chest pausing to rub extra across your own nipples as you are concentrated with my breast on you, you were slightly distracted to the fact that I have taken your cock into my pussy lips and grinding onto it like a hotdog in a warm bun. The wetness building within the lips provides just enough lubrication to the grinding. I rise up enough to put my nipples at your mouth as you open to allow them in I pull away and tell you, you get to suck on them when I tell you to and not before. Then I lower them to you again with great resistance you open your mouth just slightly but you do not raise into my chest you eagerly await for permission. Then as you had anticipated I tell you suck on my nipples and I demand that you suck on them hard or I will not let you suck on them again. You obey like a good boy vigorously trying to take in as much as you can before I change my mind and take them away from you. Then just as you feared your taunting attempts are stopped. I get up from the top of you and turn around the other direction. But only after I have reached over to the array of toys and chose one. As I do your hands take to my waist and because you have done so I take my feet and pin your arms under them so you don’t have the freedom to touch at will.

I position myself over your hips just close enough for your cock to touch my pussy but not close enough for you to move and get it to enter in with one hand I press your cock against me and with the other hand I take the toy now with a buzzing and a vibration to the underside of your cock your balls can feel the sensation. I move the toy circling your balls up and down your cock and I can feel it unto my own pussy my hips begin to move into you more and more my back arches slightly and your wishing so bad that you could free your hands you want to guide my hips closer into you, you want to enter into the warmth so close. I raise your balls up to expose the soft sensitive underside that innocently awaits I lick my finger leaving extra moisture on it as I touch the end of the toy and place the toy against the unknowing area. Slowly working my way up to your ass very taunting providing a slight tantalizing feeling I spread your legs out a little more as I explore more and more I am not entering just providing enough pleasure for you to relax wanting and wanting more. Distracted you take me by surprise and release yourself from under my feet grab my legs and turn me over onto the bed your mouth can’t resist being away from my pussy any longer and I take your cock into my mouth again massaging your balls with every depth of your cock deeper and deeper until my throat entangles around your cock. You didn’t realize that I still had the toy in my other hand and at that angle I begin to play with your ass again with it across the entrance down the soft area and over your balls as the pleasure builds inside you begin to increase your rhythm in my mouth you now really getting into fucking the depths of my throat I slide my fingers around my lips to absorb some of the moisture building and coat the end of the toy again this time putting more effort into entering just slightly I can feel the affects of my effort in the way you are sucking and licking on my clit I can tell that you are enjoying every moment of it. I tell myself I am not ready to let you get off I have to regain the control of the session I want to be able to tell you when you can or can’t let it flow. I pull your cock out of my mouth and the toy from the edges of your ass and with that demanding stern voice and some physical effort I tell you nope not yet I am not done with you as I make you off balance and you fall back to the bed.

I slide in beside you on the bed and tell you that I want you to fuck me without hesitation you are on top of me and gliding your hardened cock first a slow deep stroke and a pause my hips press up against you with a slight grind I lift my breast up towards you telling you to suck on my nipples as you fuck me. I want it deep I want it hard and I want you to slightly bite onto my tits. You’re so eager to follow each instruction with precision. You can feel the building of my climax and you want to feel it flow around your cock you carefully keep from moving into any other position you want it you have to have it and at the same time you fight from having your own suddenly you hear the words go in and stay there one thrust deep and there it is warm nectar has come to greet your cock to cover it with a sensation and a pulsation …. Your efforts reward. You lay yourself across my stomach and chest not wanting to miss any part of the climax laying slight kisses across my breast. Time seems to have stopped just for this moment. Then you slowly fall away your body nestles next to mine. Taking the time to gently slide away from your closeness and allowing your body to fall face down onto the bed.

After placing you on your stomach I lift your hips up slightly allowing me to play with your cock and your ass ahhh yes your ass its letting more and more of my little toy in and I carefully while keeping you distracted I put on my harness housing a nice size pink strap on, you know I am up to something but the attention that you are getting is keeping you from figuring it out. Then I put a little of lotion on the tip of the dildo inside my harness rubbing it slightly to reduce the chill and I get closer and closer to you until you feel a different toy at the back door I use the tip that is lubricated to circle the edges of a waiting hole as I slowly allow it to slide deeper and deeper in you take your hand from underneath and pull your balls away the grip encloses them closer to your cock and away from hanging down. My hips begin to pump in and out slowly going deeper you push back up against me wanting more I start a rhythm fucking you more and more harder and harder I can tell that you are no longer holding onto your balls but sliding your hand up and down a very hard cock as I say how do you like getting fucked in your nice little ass with each word I get rougher but know that its not too much.

The dildo also has a pussy vibrator attached and we are both feeling the moving sensation it is creating after fucking your ass for what seems a long time but really wasn’t I began to feel my climax rising I begin to ask you if you want to cum and you beg me to let you and I say that I am going to cum and with one last stroke I go to the greatest depths this time and have the hardest climax you have ever seen or felt me have in the past. I lean into the small of your back in pure pleasurable ecstasy. I turn the vibration off of my side and ask you in a sneaky sadistic tone are you wanting to cum and you say yes please like a good boy. Unsnapping the harness as I let the toy slide out and down I coax your body to turn over and I take you in my mouth and suck your cock like you have never felt before you know without a doubt that I have every intention of making you cum for once in my mouth and I won’t take anything less then a good mouth full of your hot flowing juice. Your hands grip my hair pulling my head closer and pushing your cock deeper in my mouth your hips in sync you are now fucking my mouth I moan out of enjoyment knowing that you are getting what you want you are enjoying the tantalizing my tongue is playing on the underside of your cock I can feel the pulsation building I know that you are close to letting it flow right down my throat. I can feel the strength building in your hands the tightening of your thighs the words you begin to utter tells me “yes” oh yes give it to me baby your words tell me to suck harder then like a river just released from the damn your back arches your hands entangle in my hair and finally I feel and taste the sweetness flowing I don’t want to miss a drop as your grip lightens and your body begins to relax, to taste you to feel each drop finding its way out is such a marvelous feeling. As I make sure every bit is devoured I slowly kiss the end so softly so lovingly then kiss my way up your wonderful sexy body until I lay beside you and our arms intertwine and we hold each other.

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5/9/2006 5:20 pm almost seems should be arrested!

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5/15/2006 1:18 am

WOW................u r awesome dj.

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2/26/2008 11:37 am

very nice loved the story

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