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12/17/2005 7:21 am

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My Fantasy

My fantasy is to be a woman, and this is my favorite fantasy as a woman (I say woman, i mean slut!!)
I'll be walking through town on my way home, probably doing the walk of shame from the night before. Wearing just a very short balck skirt and fishnet stockings, low-cut top and the smallest excuse for a jacket i'll be walking quickly home, freezing. I'll pass a man i recognise and fancy a quick "Hi!" and we'll pass, i'll keep waking; he'll stop, think for a second then follow me and take me by the arm, dragging me down a small side street or ally. I'll half heartedly resist, knowing full well whet he has in mind....

He won't say a word, just roughly push me up against a wall, pushing against me, i'll feel his huge cock on me even through his thick, rough jeans. He'll kiss me brutally, holding me with one hand, undoing his jeans to unleash his monster cock with the other. I'll be dripping wet gagging for him to touch me. His cock is out now, still holding me he'll grabhold of my pussy rubbing hard through my pants and them ripping them down. Now he thrusts into me, MY GOD it's big and hurts for a second but then he's rythmicly and brutally thrusting away. I cn't belive it i'm on the virge of orgasm already!! i'll try to push him away to go down on him but he pushes his cock back in and thats it i explode: I have arampant uncontrolable orgasm as he continues to pound away. He looks around- no one heard me, now i push him way and go down on him, taking his cock in my mouth i suck and wank it as if it was the last dick on earth!! he moans, he's about to cum to stand again rubbing my tits up his long hard shaft, gagging for him to cum in me, on me, everywhere and as i lift my leg to straddle him again he cums!! All over my stomach and top i go back down, catching the next load across my lips and face. I take his cock in my mouth sucking out more - unbelivebale the amount of cum, it dribbles from my mouth as i suck out the last drops.

He does up his rugged jeans and leaves.

I'm left there stomarch, tits, face and top covered in his warm cum, licking it from my lips, scooping as much of the rest as i can from my warm/cold skin and licking it from my fingers. I'll straighten my cloths and hair as best as i can i continue on my walk of shame, all the way home.

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