awake or no?  

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4/25/2006 5:53 pm

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7/7/2006 3:44 pm

awake or no?

I had a wonderful dream last night. I dreamt I woke up while you're using me to fuck your self. Your hands pressing against my chest, hips working forward and back as you rub my cock against your g-spot. Your fingers digging in as you get closer to climax, your head leaning back so I can admire your jaw and neck. I didn't even do anything, just watched you fuck yourself on my cock. Then when you are just about to climax you open your eyes and stare into mine, kissing me and sucking on my lips and neck and nipples while you twist and shake the ripples of you climax away. Then you lay there panting with my dick still in you, holding me, with your head resting on my chest.

Once you recover I get to finish, it doesn't take long, and I am ready to go. I wrap one arm around your back, the other around to grab your ass. With my hand on your ass I gently rub my finger against your anus, my other arm hold you close against me while my hips start to buck in a steady medium paced rhythm.

I can feel your vaginal walls clenching as you get closer. Your tummy muscles knotting as your pelvis thrusts back against mine.
I start to thrust harder and faster, keeping the slow pressure on your anus circling in time to our thrusts, I'm pushed to my limit, I can feel that familiar sensation building in the base of my cock, this is the turning point, do I let my orgasm erupt inside you or do I hold off?

I choose to wait, I want us to come together, you are so close...
As soon as I sense your climax I push my finger into your past your sphincter, pressing downward toward my cock to enhance the sensation for you. I can feel your cum running down my balls as I start to erupt, I bury my cock in you as it clenches and pulses my cum deep inside your pussy. Your ass is clenched around my finger; it feels so sexy as I let my climax take me over into the realm of ecstasy.

I gently slid my finger out but keep my cock buried in you. Basking in the warm afterglow of our sharing, Feeling the sticky juices pooling around my crotch. I hold you, simply because your touch feels so good.

And we both drift off back to sleep.

Special thanks go to Goldie8361 for being the inspiration and active partner in my dream.

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