Shouldn't Be Up Late When I Have to Be Awake in 3 Hours  

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5/13/2006 1:03 am

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Shouldn't Be Up Late When I Have to Be Awake in 3 Hours

If ever I had a circadian (sp?) rythm, I've probably inadvertently completely broken it. Or at least this week I have. Days of being up until 4 in the morning angsting over final exams and having a data basing project done for an internship has rather aided in the cause, and maybe some caffeinated drinks helped as well.

So it is that as I write this it is two in the morning, and I have to be at work at the local fitness center at 6:30. Normally I'd be out cold about now, with alarms ready to go off at 5:30 so I can get in a good breakfast before heading out. Three and a half hours away, and I don't feel the least bit sleepy.

Maybe it's because I was laughing so hard watching season five of Red Dwarf (a sci-fi British comedy aired between 1988 and 1999).

Maybe it's because the semester is over.

Or maybe it's because I found out that although I'll complete my degree next year, I don't have to necessarily graduate. Which means that I can spend a semester or two studying abroad, namely in Ireland to study Irish history and archaeology.

Either way, I'm up and awake, and plotting out a drive plan to get me past one of the local Quick Trip gas stations to pick up some diet Rooster Booster power drink to get me through the day. If I make it to eleven in the morning, I'll be good. I can probably slip out early then.

Yes, I'm rather simple.

The story-writing has not quite stalled for the moment as sort of seized up on itself, like pulling a bit of loose string from a shirt and finding the fabric buckling up. Erotica just isn't coming quite as easily to me as I would like. It's as if I have creative constipation when it comes to that sort of stuff, or I have to at least build a whole story around it.

I guess I'm one of those people who wants to have a legitimate excuse for a scene to exist, especially one that involves sex. Logic struggles with creativity.

Unfortunately, while I can write in at least somewhat exciting terms, I can neither speak nor summarize those terms. So what turns out as mentally exciting for me, comes out of my mouth mucked up, ill devised, and genuinely rather boring, or very fallible.

Case in point:

I thought it might be easier to write in something I knew well, namely the Star Wars Universe although not using any of the main characters (I may be a geek, but I like being original). I figured maybe I'd do a bit of something involving a clone trooper pretty much being introduced to a culture that revolved around the concept of family and honor, a warrior society, proudly holding onto its heritage even with the onslaught of modernity, blending the two together as best they can.

Honestly, more to the point, I wanted to play with the idea and the concept...

Okay, even more to the point (I dance around it so well don't I?).... there are male actors who in portraying their characters catch a woman's eye. For me, I tend to separate actors from their characters, and knowing full well that they are not their characters, enjoy watching how they portray a character. I don't bother following actor's lives unless CNN or other news outlets thrusts them to the fore. Me, I'm all for leaving them to their privacy. So, characters as portrayed by skilled male actors catch my eye sometimes, and the creative juices get flowing.

Now I don't know how many ladies out there ever had an interest in Boba Fett, the masked and mysterious bounty-hunter from the fifth and sixth episodes of the Star Wars sextet. I do know that fans were well pleased to see him appear in episode two, and even more pleased to see his father, Jango Fett, portrayed by Temuera Morrison (Once Were Warriors, Speed 2, Barb Wire, 6 Days & 7 Nights), who cut a rather rugged but handsome figure as the character. He, the actor, also makes a reappearance in episode three as the voice and body of the clone troopers, clones whose genetics originated from Jango Fett. Needless to say, the actor had a blast portraying them all, or both, or however you'd like to put it.

So what do we have here? Me playing with my imagination, and not just some plain old idea of doing the horizontal mombo with my mental rendition of an archetype I created from watching the above.

I don't know how many gals out there ever had an attraction to the idea of the knight, not just the knight in shining armor concept, but the mysterious knight who goes about and one doesn't ever see his face, but he sure as hell cuts a good figure and he knows how to do battle. I guess it also melds into that instinctual idea in a woman's mind to find a mate that has the ability to provide, but most especially protect her. (Which is also probably why I go for physically large men though not necessarily muscular.)

So there it is, the point: To explore the mysterious knight (clone trooper), introduce him to a situation that all but forces him to be social, and then have a nice bout of enjoyable sex involved.

Hells, at this rate I don't necessarily need the Star Wars backdrop, but can create something of my own...especially as that I really wanted to focus on this warrior culture, and where women were involved.

By the by, the women are a bit like the Spartan women in a way, they are physically strong and quite capable of protecting their own families if their husbands are away or dead. Beyond that, though, I'm not touching the true ancient Greeks with even a heavy cattle prod.

Now reworking the characters should be interesting as that originally it was to involve a woman who specialized in specialty weapons building and modification completely underground, both personal weapons and those found on spacecraft. Her father was to be a man who could repair said craft, and even modify them to a certain degree. I could keep both, along with the idea that there are galactic battles going on, but it has less to do with a grand republic becoming an empire and more an empire perhaps trying to spread. Another idea is to just put it in a medieval setting, though how this one lone knight/soldier is to get into the middle of nowhere I'm not quite certain. Maybe his horse took him that far. If I set into the future, one friend of mine suggested that I could give it the underpinnings of the past and the future contending with one another. Which I may just do. Many shiny buildings on a new world, but what happened to the buildings that they were built upon and the people who once lived there?

What else is the story about? That there are people who will not let a soul be lonely, that will not let them be without friends or family, and indeed they may even fold the individual into their family and their culture. How many countless times has this happened in real life?

Well, now it's three in the morning, and now that I've pushed a bit at this, and thought on it, I'm thinking that the wrinkles are starting to flatten out. I've scribbled my notes here, in basic, into my little notebook that I tote about everywhere (handy things journals), and I'll proccess it more tomorrow.

There's hope for me yet!

Note: My many thanks to those of you so kind as to give me your support, as well as your feedback, it really is appreciated. I only wish AdultFriendFinder would allow for more allotments of e-mail to respont every day and multiple times.

passionmouth 48M

5/13/2006 4:28 am

Go to sleep Luv; no more "high test" for your brain and maybe all the muddle will ------------straighten out into. Have fun, you do enjoy what you're doing. On a rainy afternoon, forget the words and be creative wherever other than words. passionmouth in Pa.

Lpipe 48M  
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9/28/2007 12:43 am

I do that all the time and it seems the harder I try to get to sleep, the more wide awake I become. It also seems that the earlier it is, then the later my body seems to stay awake and alert; as though it is afraid I will miss my wake up time and so it is keeping me up all night to make it.

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