Fantasy-Erotica Story Idea Notes  

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5/17/2006 7:34 pm
Fantasy-Erotica Story Idea Notes

I keep putting off writing because I fear my own ideas and wonder if I can get them out. I wonder at how silly they are or if they won’t work. I worry that it's too silly, and I’m not sure where it would go considering it’s just a seedling in my attempts to write in erotica, if that, which I have yet to do, and frankly I’m buggered as to how to turn it into something a little larger and better.

The setting of course is a fantasy one, since I’m prone to that setting to play in. An elven nobleman has been taken captive and held for ransom much as in the same way done in medieval Europe. He is not in a prison, so much as under “house arrest” in the enemy nobleman’s castle, which means that he’s free to roam within the castle grounds to some degree, and his apartments are very nice. That being said, a human woman is put into his company, though I doubt she is of noble stock, or at least that of the local nobility. Her purpose given to her by the lord of the castle is to become pregnant by the elf in a certain amount of days or be killed. Although she does not know what the end result of the union is supposed to be, save that the lord of the castle and his minions want the mixed-blood child, she has a feeling that once the child is born, she is expendable, and that the child will be given to a nursemaid to be cared for. Either way, the end result is her own death.

That being said, I’m left to wonder if part of the reason this lord wants to do this is that, as the English wanted to do with those that they conquered, he sees a possibility of conquering the elves by mixing in human blood and thereby bringing them under the political and social control of the humans. The concept of course was brought up in “Braveheart,” though in that one the English had control in the status of nobility of the lands, and here it’s the humans trying to conquer the elves. Perhaps the lord is seeing if the human and elven blood will mix, if a human can claim the power of the elves without being a full elf.

As you can see, I can’t just let it sit and be a scene, there has to be more behind it, a greater reason, and that’s not even parsing out how the coupling might go, if it happens at all. Does the elven lord take mercy on the woman to allow her to keep her life for that much longer knowing that she will be killed once the child is born and seen to be healthy? Would he consider himself tainted to take a human woman? Has he even met a human woman before and what has his people taught him of the humans? What has his life history been? Has he been married, been a lover, had children, etc?

And as for her, what about her? I figure that considering that the lord would want a “pure” coupling, that the woman would be a virgin, and come to think of it, would probably be of noble blood or of a physically strong family so that she could survive child-birth. I’m assuming that the lord would not be doing this alone, that he’d be in league with other noblemen and possibly even the ruler of the kingdom, which leads me to wonder if the woman would be related to him, or someone he knows. Could it be that the ruler or the lords have tried this before, with other captive elves, using other more common human women only to see their efforts fail? Could it be that this woman is a sacrifice, but a painful one to him, to the lord, someone he doesn’t want to see die, but if she would escape, would not pursue as hard as necessary to capture her.

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