Erotic Story: A Bit of Something to Play With  

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5/17/2006 7:41 pm
Erotic Story: A Bit of Something to Play With

Okay, this one has a potential of something, so I'm going to put what I've written thus far. Later I figure I'll come back, fix it, alter it and see what becomes. I'm just loathe to go with the stereotypical. I mean really, how aroused would a guy be if a woman came sneaking into his room in the dead of night?

"Rose," he whispered softly into her ear, so close that his lips brushed gently against the flesh, "you promised me you'd do this."

Rosewyn glowered at Finn. With her lips pursed, she only hoped that he could see something of her irritation as they lurked in the shadows atop a three storey mansion, but doubted it. She leaned gently over the roof's edge, taking appraisal of the situation at hand to figure her next action. The night looked to be a good one. A half-moon was rising from the hills providing enough light to see by, and a large tree shadowed what would be her path into the large open balcony door below providing good cover. That was only the start though.

She pulled the man's scarred ear towards her mouth. "I'm going in," she whispered. "You stay here. If you're not here when I get back, I will hunt you down and scewer you, you hear that, Finn?"

The man nodded and patted her on the shoulder reassuringly with a smile. She shook her head silently and slipped over the edge of the roof, dropping with a soft thud onto the balcony. Staring at the open door, she smiled to herself trying not to laugh at the foolishness of the tennant. Only the wealthy of the city would be so foolhardy as to leave their balcony door wide open on such a cool evening, but thankfully she was not a theif. All she wanted was what Finn had bribed her into getting for him, and then it was just a matter of grabbing it and sneaking out. Thankfully, the resident looked wealthy enough that either he would not miss a very nice sword, or if he did he would just replace it.

"Better now than later," she muttered to herself, slipping through the door and past the light, white curtains that billowed and rolled like loose sails in the night breeze.

Rosewyn paused a moment once she has gotten past the curtains, letting her eyes acclimate themselves to the darkness as she paused in silence. Patiently she waited, watching the large room grow clearer in her eyes, and slowly realizing what kind of danger might she might have placed herself in. A massive canopy dominated at least a third of the room, its pillars carved with such detail she could only just make them some of it out in the curtain-diffused light. She thought she saw battle scenes in the carvings, the sign that not only was this a bedroom, but it was a man's bedroom. Still, there was no signs of occupancy, but it did not mean they were not cavorting in another room shortly to be headed this way. Well, she hoped, at least she might have the right room to start off with, and she would not have to worry about wandering through the whole house on a all-night quest with a risk of being caught.

A flash of light!

Rosewyn crouched down in a shadow, hand on dagger while her eyes darted about for the origin of the flash. She had not worn her regular weapons on this trip, but then again if her rapiers bounced about the sound of them hitting something would have given her away. If she had to, she was quite ready to run for her life. What she was doing was a favor for a friend, it was not a job, and she was not about to get killed over it.


Ahh, there it was! She spotted the flash across the room, nearby the bed, and realized what she was looking at. Slowly, lightly, she made her way forwards, sliding silently in her stocking feet over the smooth wood floor. No one in the house would hear her. As she drew closer she could make out clearly her goal, a suit of armor hanging from an armory rack almost as tall as she. An edge of chainmail caught in the breeze and swung back and forth, catching an errant beam of moonlight that had gotten past the curtains and flashed its light once again across the room. Approaching closer, she moved towards the table beside the armor, knowingly leaving her back to the open balcony door, but risking that there was no one there. Staring at the table she saw what she needed, for there lay the simple sword with jewels at the ends of the pommel and crosspiece that Finn had sent her in for.

"This is not steeling," she told herself, "Finn won it in a fair card game but the man wouldn't hand it over." She glanced at the other items layed upon the table, a fine long-sword, a beautiful dagger, other odds and ends that would mark a soldier's collection maybe. The owner of this house must have gotten it all for show, the rich bastard. This would be no loss to him at all. She inhaled silently, holding her breath as she slowly reached out and lightly scooped the short sword in her hands, lifting it up, and bringing it close to press it against her chest. Slowly she exhaled with relief. She had the desired sword in hand, and now all she had to do was leave.

A soft grunt and a rustling suddenly came from her left, and she froze in place. Flicking an eye over her shoulder at the carved bed she could not tell if one or more bodies were in it, it was too dark to see, but from the sound she had heard there was at least one person sleeping in it.

Rosewyn gritted her teeth, feeling her stomach lurch into her throat. "What in the nine hells am I doing here?" she thought to herself. "I'm in the middle of someone's bedroom swindling a fancy sword, and I'm not even a theif! By the gods I'm a sailor! I'm almost a ships captain, and here I am risking my health and my carreer in some ugly man's boudois in the name of a good friend. Gods! What have I gotten myself into! This city is going to be the death of me. It's all I can do to find something interesting to do, and here I am at the lowest of the low. I'm turning into a fricking cat-burglar!"

Silence insued and still she remained stock still, slowly letting out her held breath. She glanced around again, this time taking a good hard look at the armor on the rack beside the table. She admitted to herself that she did not know much about armor, or at least the metal kind like this. Leather was more to her liking, light, flexable, she could move fairly well in it, but still at sea it was not much in demand. Still, the stuff on the rack looked interesting, she had never seen stuff like this up close before. Well, she had seen armor up close before, right when the watch had come to clear up the small quarrels her mates got into on occasion, but she had never seen the stuff at her leasure. It looked to be a mixture of chain and plate, really well oiled and cared for by the looks of it since it still held a shine. There seemed to be a symbol on the breastplate, but it was dark, and with the added darkness of what she thought to be a cloud passing before the moon, she could not make out what it was. From what she could tell, though, she had a pretty good feeling that this stuff was worn.

Rosewyn paused to think, the logic rushing through her head trying to catch on. First, she was in a rich person's home. Second, she was in a room with some really nice armor, weapons, and other warrior things. Lastly, the owner of these things was currently asleep, she hoped, in his bed. Mental bolts started to fall into place, and small alarms started to ring in her head. If the size of the rack was any indication, the man sleeping in the bed was probably larger than she was, and considering his armor looked used, he was probably a warrior. Her mind started to scream. What had Finn just gotten her into!

Sword still clutched to her chest, she slowly turned around, facing towards the billowing white curtains that marked where the balcony door was. With painfully slow sliding steps, she started to make her way towards the door. As she slipped past the foot of the bed she heard another sound like a very soft moan, freezing in place and daring a sideways glance towards the bed.

"I am a tree," Rosewyn whispered in her mind, "I have branches and leaves, pay me no mind." It was a chant she had been told about before by some friends. It had worked for them when they had walked back to the ship drunk and completely naked. They had seen the Watch coming, and as the friend held up his hands chanting this line, he convinced his fellow to do the same. The Watch walked right past them unseeing, unblinking, and never stopping. "I am a tree, I have branches, and leaves, pay me no mind."


Curiosity caught Rosewyn by the brain as she realized how close to the bed she was. She was only standing at the foot of it, and if she wanted she could easily walk beside it, take a quick peak and be sure someone was sleeping in it, and not lurking about in the dark like she was. It would be so easy, really, not a difficult thing at all. Meanwhile, common sense shouted at her to get out now while the going was still good and be safe.

The moan and the rustle were a little louder this time, she thought, and there was a harsh cough. He could catch cold in this weather, she thought to herself. A night like this played havock on the health if one was not properly wrapped. Common sense glanced at this train of thought, rolled its eyes, and for the moment gave up, letting curiosity take the lead as Rosewyn eased herself around the side of the bed.

From where she stood at the foot of the bed, she could only make out a single figure in the huge swath of linnens, most of which were kicked free from its form. Using the belt strap on the sword, she quietly slung it over her back, and moved closer, ready to run at a moment's notice. As she drew nearer the easier it became to make out the details of the one who slept there, and her heart caught up in her throat. She had no doubt now that this was a man's room, and it was a warrior sleeping in the carved bed. He had rolled on his side leaving his back to her, the smooth musculature of his relaxed arms and the detail of his bare back left no doubt of the fact that he was a fairly strong man. Shoulder length hair fell across the nape of his neck and a flash of the moon slipping through the curtains played across his red-gold locks.

The unnamed man coughed.

Rosewyn took up one of the heavier blankets that had gathered as a mass near the foot of the bed and slowly pulled it up to cover the warrior. Gently sliding it the length of his body and only hoping she had not woken him up as she came to drape it over his bare shoulders. She paused a moment in the silence, holding the blanket in place, and still the warrior slept on. Slowly she let go, letting loose an inaudable sigh, but as she started to move away, he rolled over, coming to rest on his back in silence.

Out of fear and instinct Rosewyn froze in place, looking down now into the face of the man whos jeweled short sword she was steeling. She blinked for a moment, and then started to feel a kind of admiration creep into her bones as she gazed upon him. His was not a hard face to look upon, not ugly as she would have thought before, nor cold. It was a noble face, still strong though it was relaxed in sleep, warm and welcome. A short goatee and moustache grew upon his face no doubt kept well trimmed by it's owner, and his lips were slightly parted in the act of gentle breathing. Something in her could not help it, it may have been the curiousity, or the admiration she had as if one looking upon a loving leige lord, but at that moment she felt would have given her oath of fielty and life to the man if he had asked for it.

In the silence of the night, with a breeze blowing through the door, Rosewyn quietly leaned over and gently lifted an errant lock from the warrior's brow, placing it aside off of his face. She marvelled at the strength and surity he projected even in sleep, and wondered at how handsome he was. Surely he had a lady, or an intended. A gust of wind billowed the curtains of the great door, letting the light of the moon briefly play across the room over the floor, past the dangling rings of the armor, and over the face of the sleeping lord. His eyes were wide open, staring quietly back up at her in their gentle and great power.

Rosewyn had started to pull her errant hand only to freeze in mid-motion with the look of those eyes. "Sleep," was all she could bring herself to whisper only hoping there was a sense of gentle comfort in her voice, but feeling it choke in her throat.

"Who are you?" he murmured, the three words caressing her jumbled nerves in their rich, deep tone. There was no threat in his voice, just a simple question.

"No one, Lord," she whispered in fear. "No one."

The warrior raised a brow, a hand gently clutching her wrist in a firm grasp as he murmered, "Then why does no one disturb me?"

"It is cold, Lord," she could barely reply. "The night air...I thought...I thought you'd catch cold."

He smiled, still holding fast to her wrist. "A theif concerned about my health?" There was a tone of laughter in his whisper.

"I am not a theif," she almost raised her voice. "And yes, I was concerned. I heard you coughing. It's one of the first signs of illness. Any illness can kill a man. It's no way to die."

The warrior tugged gently on her wrist, putting her just enough off balance as to make her bend over him unsteadily. She was now eye to eye to him.

"Then why are you taking my sword?" he asked.

Rosewyn found she could not lie. She could lie to other people in other situations as easily as one might spread butter across bread, but this man, this man she could not lie to.

"I made a promise."

He raised an eyebrow again, they were nearly nose to nose. "And what promise was that?"

"I would retreive the sword my friend won from you in cards, and he'd give me something in exchange."

"And just what would he give you in trade for my sword?"

"A berth on a tradeship."

"A tradeship? And just why would you want for such a thing?"

Rosewyn looked at the man evenly, her eyes meeting his as if speaking to an equal even in this half darkness. "I am a sailor, Lord, and I need to go to sea."

The warrior held her eyes in his own, but she did not blink.

"I could give you over to the Watch, you know that, don't you?" he said simply, less of a question and more as a fact.

"Yes, Lord," she replied.

Once again there was silence.

"Are you afraid of me?" he asked.

At this Rosewyn paused and thought for a moment, "No, Lord, I do not fear you. But I do respect you, Lord."

The warrior smiled gently, "Would you do as I say?"

"Lord," she replied frankly, pulling lightly at her wrist, "I'm at your mercy. I cannot get away."

There was a pause, then, "The sword is your friend's, but by my orders you are not to leave this city. You will leave here as quietly as you came, and in the morning you will come see me again."


"You heard me, my lady. You shall come to see me in the morning, around the ten o'clock bell. We shall resolve this issue then."

It was Rosewyn's turn to raise her eyebrows.

The warrior pulled out his other arm, taking the captured hand into both of his own large palms. He kissed the back of it, lingering there, before sliding a ring from Rosewyns hand and letting it go.

"That's my mother's ring."

"It is mine now. Return to me on the morrow and I shall give it back. Now go, before someone else catches you."

Rosewyn paused for a moment before sensability left her sliping out the balcony door, and up the roof to Finn. She said nothing to him when she handed him his desired sword, and said even less for the rest of the night, even after he had left him at the inn to go on home to her family's house.

The warrior had Roswyn's ring, her mother's ring. To some they might have thought it trinket, for her it was the family signet ring, and with it that warrior could hunt her down.

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6/1/2006 9:04 am

WOW! That is incredible!!! You have got to get a publisher. You have got "real" talent. Don't let it go to waste. JL

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