Boring or bored (whining cunt)  

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5/2/2005 6:14 pm

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Boring or bored (whining cunt)

Like most gweilos I have given up on trying to learn Chinese. Consequently I am reluctant to criticize the use of Engish by Chinese women.

However, there is one very common mistake that most Chinese women would probably prefer not to make. It is so common that you even see it frequently in the limited information provided by AdultFriendFinder to standard members.

All too often a woman will say she is "boring" when what she really means is that she is "bored".

A woman who is "bored" is an opportunity waiting for something interesting to happen.

A woman who is "boring" is a waste of natural resources (and very very few women are truly boring, though some may need something to excite them into a more interesting mode).

The same mistakes are made with interesting/interested and exciting/excited.

Most grammatical mistakes don't matter and most visitors to China don't care if you make the odd mistake. They are grateful that you speak any English. However, as your English gets better, this is the common mistake that you would do well to avoid.

Whether I am interesting is a matter of opinion, but I'd be interested to get your feedback.

PS I hope you like my taste in photos (and wine)

PPS Feedback is greatly appreciated so a simple mark out of ten for the text and/or photo would be appreciated. Thank you.

ExpatAdventurer 56M

5/4/2005 6:41 pm

I agree that they should bring drastically different responses but feel that most visitors to China quickly learn that whenever they hear ED or ING they have to accept that either might be right.

It's the same with big numbers. Whenver somebody says a big number, I question whether they really mean that number or ten times it or one tenth of it.

The same goes for HE and SHE etc. I have raised my eyebrows a few times on early visits to China thinking somebody was bi when they were simply using the wrong gender.

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