Biscuit tin method of contraception  

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Biscuit tin method of contraception

A Survey on contraception was being conducted on the High Street of a town in the mid-West. The interviewer stopped a couple and asked whether they'd be willing to answer a few questions of a somewhat delicate nature.

The short thin man started to stutter a reply, but was cut short by his much taller and considerably heavier wife. "I speak for the two of us" she said, as the man cowered in her shadow."

After asking a few questions about age and length of relationship the interviewer asked "What method of contraception do you use?" The lady replied "Bisbuit tin" which confused the interviewer.

She could see that he was looking somewhat perplexed so she explained "As you can see Arthur here is much shorter than me, so when he wants to have sex I only let him do it standing up. He can't reach, so he has to stand on a biscuit tin that we keep in the bedroom for just this purpose."

"Excuse me madam" replied the interviewer, "but I don't see how that acts as a method of contraception?"

"Well" she replied, "When I feel his knees begin to shake, I kick the tin out from under his feet!"

Does this explain why so many large women have small husbands?

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