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Does circumstances affect love?
I mean.. Can you love a girl for her plain personality, or does the circumstances that surrond her interfere with your emotions till you fall in love with her?
He is a young Egyptian who traveld to India to work in the radio station there.. He lived in New Delhi, in a strict socitey that he almost suffocated in.. Till he met her.. A Persian girl who came to work in the Radio station too..she has a story behind.. A story of pursuing freedom..
Married to the wrong man she was.. A lady from a big name.. A rich family.. They forced her to marry him.. And she crossed the frontiers pursuing her freedom..
He found in her what he could not find in India..She was much prettier than the Indian women, and more open minded than them.. They had the same goal: To be unleashed..
They unleashed themselves in deed..
They woke up New Delhi's streets that used to sleep at 9 o'clock..They woke it up till the next morning..
She poured her soul in his.. She poured courage, audacity, and the power of destruction..
He loved her.. He risked it all for her sake.. He risked his family, the job that was offered to him in the ministry of Defense..
They decided to travel to Paris.. Looking for more freedom..
She went alone first.. Then he quit his job and followed her..
They walked in Paris as they used to walk in New Delhi, arms in arms..
But his feelings has changed..
He dose not feel that he is courageous and gallant as he used to in New Delhi.. All the men in Paris do the same, every man has a girl with him, and each one of them wander the street till morning comes.. He does not feel that he is unique anymore..!!
And another thing is, she is not that prttier than the women of Paris as she was comparing with the women of India..!!
After one month from arriving to Paris, she asked him to marry her.. He asked her before when they were in India.. But in here, in Paris, he rejected her.. He does not love her anymore.. He loved her in India, not Paris!
They broke up..
He lived in Paris for three years and he did not see her during this period.. Then he returned to Egypt .. He returned to a strict socitey, closer to India in its strictness.. Suddnly, he was surronded by memories.. His memories with the Persian girl that he loved in New Delhi.. And he felt that he loves her again!

Translated from Arabic to English by: Exotic
The orginal text is by: Ihsan Abdul-Qudus

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nice show you pic

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