After death..  

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After death..

She knew that her body is her weakness..
This body, that beats, feels, desires, then surrender, then collapses.. it is her weakness..
She had to endure her weakness.. to endure her body!
A touch of a man scared her.. She was scared of standing infront of the mirror naked, for she did not want to see her beautiful body!
But she wanted to love someone..
She wanted to live a virgin love.. A love that has nothing to do with her body..only her soul..
Her soul was seperated from her body..
her soul in heaven..
her body on earth..
she remained confused, lost.. whenever she found love, her weakness made her back off..
Till she met him..
loved him.. loved him with her soul..
he touched her hands, she surrndered and she felt that her body is deceiving her..
It was when he tried to kiss her on her lips that she pushed him away violently, and she was screaming:
- Do not touch me! Stay away!
He opened his eyes in astonishment:
- Why... What happend?
she said:
- Talk to me.. Come, talk about literature, art, about people.. About anything!
He said:
- My kiss is a conversation itself.. A conversation about me..And you..
She replied:
- It is a scary conversation.. A bodily conversation..You want my body.. All the men want my body!
He fell silent.. Did not talk..
She asked him:
- Why is the silence? Talk!
He said:
- Any conversation than the lips conversation would be faked.. An absurd conversation.. I do not want to be a fake nor an absurd.. I do not want to be pushed away from you..
He approached her again.. This time he managed to kiss her on her lips..She tried to resiset her desiers.. But her weakness won.. she surrnderd..She collapsed..
She left him with a grudge in her heart.. A grudge on her body.. On her weakness..
How will she purge this weakness? This body?
Nothing will seperate her from it but death!
We, after death, become souls..Without bodies!

Translated from Arabic To English by me ( Exotic )..
The orginal text is writen by: Ihsan Abdul-Qudus

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