drugs are bad....  

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8/9/2005 11:39 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

drugs are bad....

shorlty after my posting yesterday i caught up with one of my mates, the same one who i mentioned previously. Anyway, we got hold of some weed and as we usually do once or twice a week we went to our 'secret spot' to have a grill. now all was goin fine i guess had the in car dvd player on watchin chris rock HBO special on dvd. so we watchin that and we mustve had like 5 billys... so we had these in about 90 mins so prob a bit too quick. but i tripped out.... i dont mean i was whacked or stoned... i TRIPPED OUT! i was fucked... so badly messed up was i that i believe i actually blacked out and lost conciousness. those of you have may ever have experience this know how bad you fell when u come to. this was just rude. has to call a friend to come get me and take my mate home and take me back to her place.. usually i wouldve given her a length.... whacked sex is really great.. but i was just too damm fucked up. i dunno what it was. perhaps was speed weed or perhaps sumthin more, but from this point on im gettin out of the game cept for the occasional spliff. but let this be a lesson to all.... not only are even sopft drugs capable of fuckin you up.... they also stop you gettin laid if ur too fucked up.. so the overall message i took out of this was that moderation really needs to be exercised in any drug taking legal or not (alcohol is a drug). In conclusion i really hope none of you ever experience what i experienced last night coz it was just messed up!
talk to u all later.
(this pic is just funny, hope it works)

Exoprodigy 31M
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8/9/2005 11:40 pm

sorry, pic hasnt worked.. im a failure

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