Ode to the Black Woman  

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9/15/2005 2:28 pm

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Ode to the Black Woman

As I was lying in bed the other night, trying to come up with another subject my next Blog, My roommate came into the room with the latest edition of "Black Men".
"Yo,ES, you gots to see dis bytch" he says as giddy as a school boy.

Now before I could chastise him on his use of word "Bytch"(dogs sleep with Bytches not real men),the model on the cover completely and utterly took my breath away name is Buffy. She's a young dark chocolate nymph with doe eyes and and beautiful thick full lips. Thick long legs and a flat, tight stomach. But the real grabber was sitting behind her. That ass!!!!!! This woman has a an ass that you could quite literally set your plate on and eat a meal off of. I was speechless for at least 10 to 15 minutes. When I was finally able to speak the only word that came to my mouth was Damn!!!!!!

As thoughts of this woman haunted my mind,I finally knew what I was going to write this blog about make this perfectly clear, I'm going to put this next statement in bold and in color so that even if you are just passing by this blog you will know and understand what I'm about to say I LOVE WOMEN!! ALL WOMEN!! BLACK,WHITE,RED, YELLOW,BROWN. I'VE NEVER MET A WOMAN THAT WAS PINK WITH GREEN POLKA DOTS BUT I'D PROBABLY LOVE HER TOO. Being a man who is love with the woman form, wouldn't it be a interesting (to me at least) to do a blog on what qualities I especially love about each one. To separate these qualities racially not in an effort to objectify but to exemplify them. Having dated almost every race on the face of this earth (I still have to date an Eskimo, An Aborigine, and a couple of indigenous tribes in Latin America),I don't think of myself as an expert but rather learnered. Being a black man ( and in honor of Buffy, the woman who has been running,swimming and playing in my mind for the past two days), I'm going to start this series off with Black women.

When talking about Black women there are three areas that make them attractive.
Variety Black Women come in a wide variation of shapes and colors. It can be safely said that whatever you're looking for, you can find it in the black race. From the kinky haired, dark chocolate brown African women from Kenya and Nigeria. Whose very walk harkens the pounding of drums. To the fair-skinned Creole women of Louisiana(god be with them). Whose speech drips with French Geechiness.
Thickness Generally, Black Women have been known for their overall thickness. I'm not talking obesity but having extra weight in all the right places. Thick, Round thighs. Round,full breasts. full,juicy lips. They offer something you can grab onto.
That ass Black and Latina woman have taken ass to a new plateau honest, how many times have you looked at a picture of Ki-Toy or J-lo and asked yourself "Is that ass real?" YES, my friend it is real.If your looking for a full succulent ass that when shaked in a certain way, produces ripples and waves that befuddle and astonish the mind. You're in da right place, son.

Let me end this by saying that this is not about objectication. No, it is about a man who loves women, stating that fact. For therein lies part of the power a woman's sexuality. Woman are the most beautiful sexual beings on this earth. It is the basis from where all of their power derives. Say what you want, but I'm pretty sure Caesar didn't start a war because he loved Cleopatra's mind. And Helena of Troy did not cause a war because she had brilliant conversational skills. Not is was that beauty.That almost indescribable sexual power that moved nations and change ged history. Not that women should solely reply on it. Just that they should not be afraid to embrace it.

That's it for toady. Oh, by the way the Jazz tune for this blog is David Sanborn's Comin' Home from his TIME AGAIN Album. Why? 'cause I'm comin' home, son. I go on R&R next week. Two glorious weeks in the states. Hope to see some of you.

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