Cold hard truth  

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8/22/2005 7:29 pm

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Cold hard truth

Just thought I would get this out of the way now since the subject came up today.
Ladies, please understand that I am not looking for a regular relationship. I am looking to hook up, hang out, and get laid. You want to be friends? That's cool too but love simply isn't an option right now and I'm sorry because I am normally a very loving guy.
I know, some are calling me an asshole and shallow but there is always a method to the madness that is my life.
Currently I AM separated from my wife. Make no mistake about that. We have two separate residences, but we are both still very active in each others lives and occasionally she does spend the night over at my place. We are working on things between us despite both of us knowing we simply have matured into two different people then what we were when we met. Will we eventually end up living together again? I honestly don't know and I can hear the clicks of me being removed from hot lists and networks as I type this.
My wife (ex-wife, girlfriend, I don't know what the hell to call her right now) is NOT why I won't get into a serious relationship though.
My kids are.
I live every day in anticipation that I'm going to get the phone call that she is moving very far from where I am now. This is not a paranoid thing, it is a legitimate possibility in her line of work, and becoming more of a likelihood with each passing month. These are the only children I'm ever going to have and where they go, I go. I love my kids more then life itself and I won't let them grow up with several hundred miles between them and their daddy.
I hope you ladies can understand this attachment I have. You could be everything I've been looking for, my total soul mate. But if you aren't willing or able to change your entire life and pick up and move at the drop of a hat so that I can be with my kids, then I will have no choice but to leave you behind no matter how much heartache it causes me.
This is why things will most likely only be physical with us. Please understand.

EvolvedLife 38M

8/23/2005 3:02 am

I fail to see any deceit in anything I've said when I'm being up front and totally honest out of the gate here. If you could explain your point of view in a bitmore detail I'd love to hear it though.

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