You know it's hot out when..................................  

Eviloutlaw1 55M
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6/22/2006 4:43 pm
You know it's hot out when..................................

Your double stuff Oreo cookies melt. Seriously I came home this evening and went to enjoy a cookie when I opened the bag I had moosh. Not that the moosh wasn't good it was!
Just goes to show you a guy will eat anything, I mean look at all those people who eat Limburger that had to take some guts to try for the first time. I can see it now...Hey John, I think your cheese has gone bad..smells like old dirty socks..what do you want me to do with it? Naw couldn't have gone bad that fast John says..give it a taste...and history is made.. now my mother was fond of limburger cheese and onions on rye bread, followed or along with a cold beer.
My Dad was never home much...I think there may be a connection. lol
I don't think I'd ever have a problem with anything one of my partners chose to eat..hey if they like it they like it right? Who am I to judge. My ex wife use to eat ham pot pie...nothing wrong there you say..well it's not what your thinking it's not ham and veggies with gravy wrapped up in a flaky's well..she took ham, boiled it..added cut strips of pastry dough to the mix...and for thicking more the ham tasted pretty good, I mean you can't screw up ham but the rest..well you ever mixed wallpaper paste? it had that texture..and for the most part it tasted like glue. Keeping it down was no problem..getting it down was another matter.
But anywho....I'm gonna go look some more of my Orieo moosh and I'll catch you all later!

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