Strange dreams...............Again.........................  

Eviloutlaw1 55M
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8/9/2006 5:23 pm
Strange dreams...............Again.........................

Ok, I had oatmeal for dinner so that wasn't it. I sort of remember switching the TV over to catch Leno's monolog and not too much after that.

Fade in:: Seems I was in that very same town I got lost in the last time I had the strange dreams. I was out and about with a friend, God knows who the guy was never seen him before, but we were having a grand time bar hopping, walking up and down the avenue, stopping at all the towns hot spots, walking past a local supermarket, and accross the street a high class resturant, I begain expouting to any one near at hand never to eat there as the over priced steaks they sell as certified black angus, is nothing more than the bargan beef they sell at the store next door. (As if anyone in this place would care? Or if I'd ever eaten or shoped at either place at all) Then the guy I'm with tells me he has to take a piss, As he walks behing the next bar to do so, he shouts out "Hey! Tim come here I want to show you something." Ok...I've been down this road a few times in my life, and it suddenly struck me that the guy I was with....well I knew he was gay, not that it mattered or anything, and having never seen this person in my waking life I knew this to be a fact. Anywho..I yell back " I've seen one dude, got my own if I wanted to see yours I would have asked." By that time I'm rounding the building and he points to the back parking lot...comming across the lot are the greatest looking women I've seen in a long time(?) So it seems like a long time..dreamland can be tricky like that. Anywho......turns out there are about five or six of them, I walk over and start up a conversation with the cute blonde, she stops, sits down on the curb and the others gather around, she starts by opening her purse and pulling out the makings for a joint, and as she's rolling one asks me why I never called her like I said I was going too? I'm not Don Juan, never in my entire life has a woman of this stature ever given me the time of day, let alone been dejected because I failed to call her (like that would ever happen) I open my mouth to answer her.......and at that moment I woke up!!!!
Ok, here's the strange part..just waking up I thought I had to get ready for work, ya know..jump in the shower..etc..I felt great, rested like I slept for eight hours... calm ready to start another dull day. I look at the clock and it's only one thirty am..I'd been asleep for maybe an hour or so!!!!!
I have no idea where this stuff comes from, but it seems I've moved someplace new and I'm making friends..more so I'm making love connections. First the ladies in the thrift store ( last dream) and now this bevy of cuties, who from the looks and general demeanor of them seem to know me very well indeed. Nothing like this has ever happened to me, nor has anything like this ever been even remotely a fantasy of mine. But, it's weird, that I know these people...and, I know that life, almost as I know my own. It can't be a past life all the suroundings seem up to date, and the only other thing I can think of is it's a parallel universe I slip into when I close my eyes at night...If so, how do I get a ticket to this place for a vacation?

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