Its not often we recieve visitors here............................  

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4/13/2006 10:22 pm

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Its not often we recieve visitors here............................

Let alone offer them horse brutality. Never beat a dead horse, but always choke your chicken.

What's this? Farming tips? No, just me being silly. I get that way sometimes. My way of blowing off steam..purging the system. Been so bottled up these past few weeks. No private transportation, so it's the bus for me. Gotta luv the mass transit system. If it's raining they are late..if it's a nice day out, well you know your gonna miss that bus by at least 10 minutes. Ya meet strange people on the bus, the other day I had a guy sitting across from me rolling some smokes and trying to sell me a cheep pair of sunglasses. It was raining of course. Mostly It's people just like myself..stuck riding the bus cause they can't afford to operate the auto anymore. They way I see it, we should all go back to using horses for our transport..hell it would open up a new service industry, cut down on pollution, not to mention break the backs of big oil. Just think, no more auto insurance to deal with, no checking the oil every 3000 miles, or getting gouged at the pump every two or three days. Plus I think we'd all look cool on horseback..sorta western sexy, ya know?
But progress has passed the days of yore. Sad to think that maybe we've gone so far ahead, that we are in danger of setting ourselves back.
Just a thought.................

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