Captins log stardate 072306  

Eviloutlaw1 55M
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7/23/2006 9:27 pm
Captins log stardate 072306

There is no hope left on this ship, we sit here marooned in space deep with a gas nebula cloud, all our atemps at comunication have failed....ok, I lost you using the stardate right? Seems I've been losing most of my readers lately. I guess I just don't get my main point across. As with the last blog entry...seems one person thought I was asking for advice on what to do when your hand got dear, on the contrary I was being funny, just grabbing the attention of the masses.
Sorry if I missled you that was not my intent. Then there is L&H, no guys I wasn't being depresed about being such a burden..I was trying to be funny is all. Guess I shouldn't try to be funny..never was my strong suit anywho. But's that's me...I know a great deal about a lot of things..My ex wife got to the point where she refused to play trivial pursuit with me any more as I'd always win. Not that I'm saying I'm smart..nooooooooooo. Just that I have a head for useless facts. Jeopardy can be a challange sometimes when they get into the final round..but then I'm not there writing down the answer for a cash prize so it really doesn't affect me so much.
Yesterday while waiting for some friends to get home from work, I made the time pass by doing the crossword puzzles in the newspaper I brought along. (in pen) I also do the criptoquips...after gettibg done with that, I sat down to watch TV, Ok so it was a video game their son was playing..sue me. When their daughter came over with the paper and asked how I had solved the quips, I tried explaining how I did it to her, but it was sort of like trying to explain the color blue. That it know it's blue. You see it and it's blue. It's like that for me..I see things as they are, I can look at something and know how to do it.
I dun know, I guess the old addage is true..those who can, do..those who can't do, teach..and those who can't do either wind up confusing the rest of us.
That's me..I confuse the hell out of a lot of people. Sorry folks but that's just me.

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