Blank spaces, or how we deal with silly people.  

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1/22/2006 5:49 am

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Blank spaces, or how we deal with silly people.

Interesting title don't you think? I have trouble dealing with the silly person, you know the type. Likes to talk your leg off with inane subjects. Like how UFO's have a secret base in their back yard, or how their hairball collection has grown so large now that they have started shaving their butt hair.
Most of the time you feel like a fox caught in one of those steel traps, looking for some way to get free, and seriously considering gnawing your own leg off just to get away?
I was at a party once, and had been ducking a silly person all night long. When on the way to the bathroom to releave myself I was cornered. What to do? No escape! It looked like the end, Silly person, " So I hear from the host that you have a USA inline account?" Me, "Why, yes I do."
Sily person, " That's so COOL! I have one as well my screen name is "silly person 2006" "What's yours?" Me, "Well mine would be...Hey! isn't that a secret UFO base in the broom closet over there? And do you know, I think they've started a hairball collection ?!?" At that point the silly person was distracted enough so I could pass by and enter the bathroom. So, my advice.. to stay away from silly people. Use their interests to direct their attention away from you and you can never be caught. But, if that fails I can recomend a good medical supply store that carries a fine line of artificial limbs.

AUTHORS NOTE: No silly persons,people, or foxes were harmed in the writing of this Blog. Screen names are either pure fiction or are used fictitiously.

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