Meeting MsJuicy  

EstabanDiablos 47M
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5/2/2006 6:14 am

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10/14/2007 10:16 pm

Meeting MsJuicy

Last week was a good week. I met MsJuicy for the first time last tuesday and really got to like her as a person. She has these very sexy lips and very pretty breasts. We caroused around in her car like teenagers, feeling each other up and licking and sucking on body parts like wild animals in heat.

So, this past thursday, she came over for the first time ot my condo up on the northside. As soon as she stepped through my door, I had her topless, licking and sucking on her nipples to my complete satisfaction and joy!!! She was moaning and rubbing all over my body. We kissed each other repeatedly and long, playing with each other's tongues and sucking on each other's lips.

Soon, I had her completely naked as she sucked and teased my cock to a very nice hard on. I couldn't wait any longer as I wanted to lick and suck on her clit and taste her juices. She gets EXTREMELY wet and juicy down below, fellas. I really enjoyed the taste and the smell of her wet pussy and I licked and sucked every drop of her pussy juices up with my lips and tongue and made her cum as many times as I could. Soon after, we were in my king-sized bed fucking in every position we could think of. She had me cumming repeatedly and I can't wait until she comes back this week for a repeat performance. Give her a try guys. She's well-worth treating like a lady. You'll definitely enjoy her!!!

angelofmercy5 58F
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5/2/2006 7:41 am generous of you to share!


7/16/2006 11:13 pm

you must have it going on especially with all the compliments from the ladies who have experienced you, maybe one day I will get to suck and fuck you,,,,,,,,,,,smooches


rm_CurlyToes56 60
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12/10/2006 3:25 pm

You have a big cock, and I love big cocks. i would like to meet you and set up a evening of pure hard fucking.

jadaw50 61F
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8/15/2007 7:44 am

When will I be invited to the condo? I am so jealous!!!! (smile)

lickmyclit452 55F

10/7/2007 8:10 pm

Baby you have not met the real Ms Juicy until you meet me. Did I tell you I am a squirter?

EstabanDiablos replies on 10/14/2007 10:12 pm:
Well, the proof is in the pussy. Let me know when and where i can get a taste of that wonderfully wet pussy you have mentioned and I'll be there, tongue out and at the ready. LOL!!!

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