Your eyes deceive you!  

EssensualFreedom 51M
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5/3/2006 3:35 am
Your eyes deceive you!

I kid you not... your eyes are one of the biggest deveivers known to us.

Here's my rationale.

You are at the bar, you feel this amazing presence all of the sudden and you whip around to see where this energy and presence is located.
It is overwhelming, it is intoxicating and your desire to know makes you very curious.

As you scan the room to identify the energy and awesome presence... you don't see it. You become confused and wonder if what you felt was anything at all.

And then suddenly again, you feel this wonderful energy and presence but this time it is more intense, almost on top of you.
You turn to see this lady, or guy, standing beside you.
She/he is not all that attractive (according to the conditioning you've received from all the magazines and fantasies you've built up over the years.)
So you dismiss interaction justifying to yourself that the shell which embodies this awesome energy doesn't live up to your standards of what you expect in a partner.

Now, imagine you couldn't see.

How do you think the same scenario would play out.

Can you honestly say that you won't be prejudice?
Could you see past the cover and enjoy the intense energy connection you clearly have with each other?
Could you get out of your head and into your essence to enjoy what's really before you?

For example:
There is a picture of a beautiful close up of a pussy, and I mean really well shaped and the images it conjures up is really awesome.
You really desire this pussy, this close up really turns you on and you are curious and want more.
You click on the profile and that's the only picture.
You strike up a conversation and find out she's actually a big woman and I mean really big with a passion and energy not found before.

What would you do?

Food for thought, yes?

Love and (((hugs)))

EF - Addictively yours.

(Princess Lips)

5/4/2006 12:11 am

eyes may lie...
but kisses tell all...


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